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How to miter cut two different width boards. Easy to follow instructions

welcome to sawdust and wood today we're gonna go over how to cut perfect miters with two pieces of wood or trim or whatever you're using that are different whiffs so first off i'm gonna show you if you take this two by four it's three and a half inches wide and then if you take this piece of wood i got off a pallet it's two and five eighths so let's say we needed to make a 90 degree cut a right angle basically i would need 245 so i'm going to cut them and i'll show you what it looks like and then i'm going to show you how to fix it all right so i got my saw at 45 now we're going to make these two cuts i'm gonna show y'all what i'm talking about [Music] i love the smell of fresh salt dust all right here's our two by four cut three and a half inches wide here's our pallet board two and five all right so look at this see the issue here the miters are good but look at this look at how off that is you can't have this we must fix it and i'm gonna show you how to all right now i got two and five eighths three and a half let me show you what to do all right so this is what we do you take this piece you set it on top and you flush it up with the back and the side and you mark a line and you pull it up just make yourself a little arrow because that's the way you're going to trace to that corner now you do the same thing but you do it right here this board here flush up both sides mark that line put your low arrow now get your straight edge right here and what we're going to do with that is we're going to trace from this corner to this corner get that nice and good you can even cut this with a skill saw circular saw if you want to you come here now what you're going to do is if you cut it with a miter saw you're going to adjust your blade until it hits this line cut it here and then you're gonna do the same here and these ends are gonna match up perfect that piece is cut now for this piece i got you two pieces they fit like a glove perfect right angle i want to thank everybody for watching today hope you learned how to miter two different whiffs of wood it's not hard just do as i showed you thank you all for watching have a great day you

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