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How to tighten a screw when the pilot hole is too big.

right now hit the like button subscribe and share this video welcome to sawduster wood thanks for joining me today i got a great video so today we're going to learn what to do if you drill your pilot hole into a piece of wood and the hole's too big and your screw doesn't fit securely let's jump into it all right so i'm installing this latch i got all my pilot holes drilled i realized that i accidentally drilled this hole too big look at this i can pull the screw up and down out of here so what you want to do is got this little twist tie i'm gonna do is i'm gonna cut it right here i'm gonna fold it in half because it's not very thick if you had a thicker piece you could do it like this you could do it with one piece so what i'm gonna do is i'm gonna push it let's split it down like that in half and i'm gonna put the screw right here then i'm gonna take the drill and i'm gonna screw that in now we got a tight fit now i can take my chisel just cut the edge off and it fits tight the screw is snug that'll get you out of buying a lot of times thanks for watching the channel today i hope this little trick helps you get you out of bond you know it doesn't happen all the time but when it does happen it'll help you trust me thanks for watching and y'all have a great day you

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