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How To Tighten And Loosen A Router Bit Correctly

if you're still using two hands to tighten and loosen your router bits which can be an absolute knuckle buster let's explore A Better Way well I'm sure it comes to no surprise to know that there's actually a right way and a wrong way to install a router bit the best way to install the bit is to slide it in all the way until it bottoms out and then pull it back about an eighth to a quarter of an inch which is three to six millimeters if it's hard to install loosen the collet nut first and then the bit will slide all the way in if you hand tighten the nut enough the spindle will start to rotate at that point install the two wrenches this one on the left stops the spindle from turning while the one on the right tightens the collet nut once the nut starts to get tight offset the wrenches so that they look something like this you can see that the wrench on the collet nut is behind compared to the position of the wrench on the spindle what this does is allows you to tighten the wrenches together using one hand so all you have to do is simply squeeze then if you need them a little tighter still reposition the wrench which sometimes means spinning it around and squeeze them together again for the final tightening one of the most common questions I get is how tight is tight enough so if I was to use a scale from 0 to 10 10 being as tight as you can get it and zero being just hand tight I would say somewhere around a five now if you're still uncertain you can tighten it do a little bit of routing and simply recheck if you like my style of teaching and you're looking to learn even more about routers then my new beginners online routers course is now available this course provides over three hours of video lessons downloadable documents buying guides full access to me and much more if you're interested follow the links below to start learning and mastering skills that you'll be able to use the rest of your creative life jumping back in to loosen the the collet simply insert the two wrenches again one on the spindle and one on the nut but this time instead of having this wrench behind the other one start with it in front of the other one now when you squeeze them together you get a nice controlled loosening of the collet nut and as you can see this makes a huge difference in the amount of control you have compared to using two hands hopefully you learned something today if you have questions you can ask them Below in the comments you can find me on Instagram or of course you can email me at any time I hope you have a blessed day thank you so much for watching foreign

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