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I Cooked a 3 Course Gourmet Meal With Only Power Tools and This Happened!!!

[Applause] g'day folks uncle knackers here and in today's video i'm going to be doing something a little different which i know you're going to love i hope you're hungry now i've got an idea in the back of my head of what i want to do which i think is maybe i know a little ambitious hopefully it's nutritious and with a bit of luck delicious today i'm going to cook us up a scrumptious three-course meal fit for a king using only power tools and hand tools let's go so on the menu today for the appetizer we have mouth-watering beautiful fresh scallops cooked in a lemon garlic and butter sauce for the main course do yourself a favor and loosen up that belt buckle as we indulge in a hearty blt on crusty sourdough bread and for dessert i'll be serving up a decadent and silky smooth strawberry panna cotta now as with any food prep it's really important to clear and clean the bench top prior to kicking off there you go check it out clean as a whistle you can get your breakfast off that now cooking these three courses with only power tools and hand tools is going to be a bit of a challenge and let's face it there's going to be a high probability of failure so let's cross our fingers and get stuck into it now as my old mate jamie oliver says to be successful in the kitchen preparation is key so i'm just going to prep all the ingredients first starting off with the salt and pepper whoops oh well it looks like i won't be taking that little saucer to the antiques roadshow [Music] no way this can't be happening i am dead yep officially dead first of all i broke the saucer and now i've sheared off the end of a 40 salt shaker [Music] nice knowing you guys okay not to be defeated let's give this a go on goes the shifter like that give it a bit of a twist oh look at that perfect [Music] what was i worried about you'll need about 50 grams of butter the good stuff not that margarine rubbish and this is where the multi-tool shines now grab yourself some garlic and then you want to gently massage that to release those beautiful aromas and flavors using my garlic tenderizer [Music] stand back folks we have a musical ninja loose in the kitchen now lemon is a vital ingredient to this recipe so grab a clamp and squeeze away with all that done let's get stuck into the cooking to cook the scallops i'm just going to nestle my heat gun between a couple of old bricks just like that and hopefully that should get hot enough if not it looks like scallops are off the menu yeah that looks pretty hot let's give it a crack okay let's get this show on the road let's add some oil please heat up please [Music] now that is a massive relief they're actually sizzling along quite nicely [Music] season the scallops by sprinkling on that salt and pepper mixture with the scallops cooked remove from the heat and add a couple of dollops of butter ah that looks and smells so good in goes the pulverized garlic a splash of white wine is essential for the sauce and if you want to take a sneaky swig before midday just don't get caught [Music] add one more dog of that glorious butter and then splash in the lemon juice [Music] with the sauce completed we can reintroduce those sweet caramelized fat juicy scallops back to the pan to be reheated for about 30 seconds and there we have it folks looking pretty good time for the plate up oh hot very hot it's looking beautiful a bit of sauce on top beautiful lemon garlic butter sauce yeah look at that and now a bit of a garnish and time for the taste test all righty i'll try this one looks cooked inside and it tastes mmm delicious did somebody say michelin star oh beautiful um okay folks time for the main course which is the blt but i think i'm going to jazz it up just a little bit by adding in an af avocado making it a bl-80 or blatt for short i'm not going to lie to you but i am feeling a little under pressure since those scallops turned out so good scallops who cooks scallops in their workshop pretentious anyway i don't know why i put myself through these challenges i really don't i think i'm just basically stupid yep stupid and as we did with the scallops before we start cooking let's just prepare all the ingredients now just between you and me i am partial to a cheeky slice or two of a crusty sourdough bread smells beautiful and it goes great on a blt and for that we're going to need two slices introducing the dewalt 1000 patent pending bread slicer nice [Music] perfect now i do like my bread slices to be of a similar thickness so 20 millimeters perfect 20 millimeters spot on now we're going to need a couple of slices of tomato so if i can just impale that on those two nails that should hold it nice and secure from the brute force of the reciprocating saw [Music] not bad and one more for good luck just like a bought one beautiful now with the avocado i don't think i want to use a whole one for the one sandwich so i think using my hacksaw i'll just cut this in half and that should suffice now avocados currently are more expensive than gold so hopefully this one's okay it's always a bit hit and miss a bit of a cut there around the sides give her a twist [Music] that one is actually looking pretty darn good awesome now we should be able to scoop out that avocado with my specially designed avocado chisel just go on the inside here and a sec take that off perfect and then with your hacksaw we can cut it into nice little segments under the workbench doesn't matter this is going to be so nice looks creamy ah heaven [Music] for something a little special rub some raw garlic into the bread and then butter with real butter yep real butter with the pan back on the heat taste that crusty bread till it goes a beautiful golden color now instead of bacon i'm using this delicious prosciutto as it cooks quickly and it looks so good whilst we're talking about bacon or bacon related type products did you hear the one about the slice of bacon and a fried egg that walked into this fancy looking bar the barman turns around checks him out and he says look sorry guys but uh we don't serve breakfast here bit of a stereotype there but look just because you look like breakfast doesn't exactly mean that you are there for breakfast they're there for a drink after work actually so but these things happen i suppose [Music] all jokes aside a couple of days ago i was attacked by a bacon tree yep true story turned out to be a hambush [Music] they're just getting worse every single day just worse okay let's put this masterpiece together shall we slap on a generous amount of mayonnaise don't be shy with it on goes that juicy tomato with a little pepper followed by that deliciously creamy avocado and mouth-watering prosciutto topped with some colorful and delicate green oak lettuce and there she is folks check that out superb now i do like eating my sandwiches on a 45 degree angle so i can just mark a line across here and then using my old neighbor's special sandwich cutter made out of an old handle and a couple o

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