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I failed hard trying to make this cabinet

[Music] hi my name is scott today i'm going to show you how i build this lovely wall display cabinet everything is resawed and that's going to allow me to get the cabinet entirely out of two board feet of maple and that includes the door rail and styles the cabinet case itself and the cabinet back [Music] so i'm running into a bit of an issue my bandsaw can't resaw anything especially the six inch hard maple now i'm trying to joint it for a flat face and it's basically turning into a veneer but that gives me an idea i can laminate it to a piece of quarter inch mdf so that the back has some meat to it where i can screw things in wipe it under the bench i'm not using breather mesh here because the surface is rough enough where the air should flow just perfectly fine [Music] now let this bake in the vacuum for a couple hours and i'll come back and get to work on cleaning it up [Music] [Applause] i've milled up the case sides and the rails and styles so now i can cut them to length and i'm going to do that in such a way where i'm going to achieve continuous grain around the entire case now that the case size are cut i can cut the box joints that's going to hold the case together [Music] just checking the fit and it seems pretty good so i can go ahead and cut the opposite side now let's see if this is gonna fit lovely now i can cut the groove for the back panel [Music] now that the dados are cut for the back to fit into the case i can cut the back down to size and cut rabbits all around us so they fit into those dados [Music] so let's see if this fits little tight too tight i gotta recut that [Applause] all right now i'll try again seriously what it gets a little too tight still i mean i can force it in but when it comes time to gluing it up it might suck okay i'm gonna do one more come on i have an idea [Music] one more time [Music] there it is boom it's a drawer time to glue it up okay now i'm not going to glue the bottom in it's not exactly a solid panel but it's not exactly plywood either so i'm just going to play it safe and not glue it and leave it floating [Music] so i'm going to give them a squeeze and i'm going to back it off a little bit so i don't introduce any sort of bowing or bending a little tap [Music] that is not square at all so it's only been in the clamps for a couple minutes but it really doesn't need a whole lot of time in the clamps for the glue to set up enough where it's not going to spread apart again that's if your joints are nice fitting so this way i'm not going to introduce too much bow by putting too much pressure for too long of a period and the joints are remaining tight they're fine they don't need to be squeezed to death for a long time i need to cut the joinery for the door of the cabinet because the door parts are so thin i'm going to use half laps [Music] like a glove next i need to cut the rabbits in the door for the glass while i do that if you could do me a solid and like and subscribe i'd be sick [Music] i squared off the corners with a chisel and now i can glue it up square there it is [Music] come on oh that's better that's not why why why i am calm gonna do it again it's fine [Music] good enough i'll deal with the consequences later time to see how it turned out it doesn't seem terrible yeah that's not bad okay why was i freaking out i don't know so now it's time to clean this up and i'm gonna do that at the edge sander it's time to install these knife hinges on the door and i'm just going to use a chisel to mortise it out on the cabinet [Music] beautiful look at that [Music] i'm going to install these little nubbins in here and then i'm going to glue some neodymium magnets to the door and the nubbins on top and bottom look at that beautiful fit [Music] parfait shop projects are a great time to experiment with finishes so i'm going to be dyeing this i've already done some samples and now i'm ready to start look at that curl [Music] so [Music] i am tired of this finishing process i put three coats of dye on it sanded in between done four or five coats of shellac sanded in between accidentally sanded through the shellac once and that was frustrating but here i am and i'm almost done so now i'm going to put some wax on and buff it out [Music] so now it's time to glue the magnets in i was going to use epoxy but i just don't want to mix up a huge batch of epoxy now it's time to cut the glass for the door and to do that i'm going to use this picture frame cutter [Music] and with any luck yeah to affix the glass in the door i'm going to use some silicone now i just gotta pop it in place so that silicone is white but it's gonna turn clear and that's definitely strong enough to hold the glass and it's actually removable in case i ever need to replace it [Music] once again i'm just using ca glue to glue in the knob because i don't want to mix up a whole lack of epoxy oh boy it's tight [Music] there we go [Music] so this project was successful in that i learned quite a few things which is another way of saying i made a bunch of mistakes i built this display cabinet for my dust collection system because everyone knows you need a display cabinet for your dust collection system check out my next video to see what i [Music] mean

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