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see this insignificant little rock well to me this is one of my most treasured possessions now i love my roman history this stone is one that i actually found on the ground whilst traipsing through the colosseum in rome a couple of years ago it's roughly a 2 000 year old piece of history which constantly amazes me as to who may have touched it maybe even a gladiator [Music] not him or who may have actually placed it in the construction process all those years ago it's mind-boggling and maybe you might have something like it yourself now to show my little piece of history off i'm making a display box out of some leftover black foam ply and some leftover regular ply sticking with the theme it's now time to cut the ply into strips to make the picture frame [Music] now before we cut the frame to size and whilst the stick is in one long length i just want to cut the rebate into the back of the frame to house the glass and for this i'm using my snazzy little diy router table which i made a couple of months ago and the plans for this are in the description box down below if you're interested [Music] now back to run a small chamfer on the inside face of the frame just to take off that sharp edge and i really should have done that while the stick was in one length but i just forgot old age kicking in i suppose i bet the romans wouldn't have forgotten speaking about roman romans did you hear the one about helvetica and times new roman walked into a bar and the barman says oy you two get out we don't serve your type [Music] no good there's this one why do romans have such a hard time ending relationships because their x is always a ten [Music] now when it comes time to gluing up the picture frame i don't have any expensive or fancy corner brackets or picture framing straps all i've done inexpensively add a scrap wood is make a 90 degree angle and then screw down a wedge here and also one over there and then all you need to do is to place the bottom up against the angle followed by the side and then place in the top and then the other side and then with the opposing wedges just gradually slide those in takes very little pressure and you'll finish up with a beautiful tight picture frame too easy when gluing things together it's always a good idea to lay down some baking paper as that will prevent the project from sticking to the bench [Music] for the back of the picture frame i'm just cutting some strips of ply then gluing them together before cutting to make the back of the display box [Music] time to trim those lemonade strips to size and then cut the sides for the display box out of those strips [Music] before we glue those sides together on the bottom piece house out a rebate to accommodate an led strip as we're going to light this baby up now this bit is always a little bit tricky and a little bit nerve-racking [Music] now that's exactly how i wanted that image to turn out a little bit fuzzy a bit washed out and resembling a fresco on an old roman ruin beautiful here i'm just hot gluing down that led strip hopefully it holds [Music] to support my 2000 year old relic and to give it the effect of it floating in mid-air i'm just driving in a screw through the back of the box now to mount my special little rock all we need to do is to place it over the screw and then just wind it down love it [Music] righto folks let's crank this thing up now this is literally the first time that i've turned this thing on i've got my little remote control over here so fingers crossed [Music] look at that that looks absolutely fantastic now i know on camera that there appears to be flickering but in actual fact there isn't and i absolutely love the fact how my special little rock over there just appears to be floating tell you what i am one happy chappie now if you want to see more unique project videos just like this one make sure you check out my unique projects playlist we should be popping up over there very shortly hope to see you there soon and if this video has given you some inspiration to display one of your treasured memories and you found the video useful please consider a small donation to my buy me a coffee fund the links down below and also up there somewhere as that helps to keep the lights on over here at diy for knuckleheads so that i can continue to make more content for you guys [Music] thanks for watching and i'm out of here cheers

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