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I over-engineered an automatic dust collection system

i need to automate my dust collection system because i'm lazy [Music] i made a prototype for how this is gonna work but last time i tried to show you some electronics most of you clicked away here is my woodworking machine here is my dust collector here's a blast gate and this is my prototype circuit when i turn a woodworking machine on the blast gate opens the dust collector turns on and all that is possible because of my prototype sensing circuit and my arduino that i've programmed to do things first i need to take this mess of a prototype and turn it into something more permanent on this perf board this is a circuit i need to make on the perf board and this is a current sense transformer it's the component that's going to detect when a machine has turned on now this one is prepped and ready for solder but i need a bunch more one for each of one of my machines so through the use of tv magic i have nine more completes hot now i need to wire my current sense circuits to each of my machines each machine gets its own box for the circuit to live in and i'm going to put that near the switch [Music] this is the switch for the different modes for the dust collection i'm just going to screw this temporarily on backwards here so i can solder it off i need a way to turn on the dust collectors so i'm going to use solid-state relays to do that after i get the arduino set up i'm going to run wiring to the control voltage on the relay i need a way to rotate the blast gates automatically so i'm going to attach a servo motor if you're wondering about these blast gates and how i made them there's a whole video you can check it out right [Music] here [Music] [Music] so that little thing of me do right there just slides right on the spindle of the motor yeah see told you i've attached the motors now i'm just gonna give it a quick test to see if it's rotating properly i have [Music] okay that was weird well it rotates i was gonna say i have this set up so i can test it it seems to just want to do whatever it wants to do let me try another one let me open it ah let me close it [Music] seems okay there but if i close it oh boy like what was that about [Music] so it seems like some of the motors work and some are just like not working at all i did a bit of research i thought about good quality servos but it turns out i bought counterfeit servos that look a lot like the real deal from the original manufacturer's website states this and i quote we are the original manufacturer of tower pro mg 995 servo there are many counterfeit servos of tower pro from dealers selling on ebay amazon and alibaba websites if the suppliers removed tower pro logo from the photos and the product's description they are selling counterfeit low quality servos there is no tower pro logo so this [Music] junk did it make it in the garbage oh yeah my glasses are fogging up i'm doing some shopping [Music] this looks a little sketchy success [Music] this is the cabinet i made in my last video i'm gonna put it on the wall right now and inside is gonna be the arduino and a bunch of other stuff solid this is a shield for the arduino all it has is a bunch of these screw terminals it just allows for more secure connections i'm going to use this old blackberry charger which is a 5 volt usb charger to run the arduino and the sensors whereas that 6 volt power supply up there is just for the servo motors it's a little bit but like it's fine i'll put it all in a box after until i figure out what size box i need that's good 5 volts wicked power is good snippy snippies there they are and strippy stripy and crimpy crimpy screwy screwy screwy screwy i'm looking right at it i'm looking right at it i'm looking right at it where are you i found it now i got to wire more power to everywhere in the shop basically everywhere i don't have a more elegant solution than just a bunch of zip ties for now i'll get some sort of wire wrap going on maybe eventually probably not each blast gate gets its own terminal strip in a box so i can make a bunch of wiring connections the servo motors has this little dinky connection here don't know what it's called but it is useless for my needs these are called ferrules they make a more secure connection on a terminal strip with a strand of wire [Music] help me no you with the camera help me thank you i'm finally done i finished wiring all the machines i changed the code to reflect all the machines in the shop and not just the single prototype i was working on and now i can just test it out and hope that it works i will be destroyed if it doesn't i'm going to test it with table saw the table saw has two dust collectors one for the overhead using this blast gate and one that goes underneath there's a blast kit down there which you can't see but i'll let you know if it works turned up turned off closed closed here's an overview of how the system works i have six machines in my shop and each has a current sense transformer so when i turn the machine on it sends a signal to an input on the arduino which sends a signal to the servo motor to open the blast gate and finally a signal is sent to a relay that turns on the dust collector [Music] when i turn the machine off 30 seconds later the dust collector turns off and then another 15 seconds later the blast gate closes [Applause] both the table saw and the router table have an additional switch that controls whether the overhead dust collection is on or off i am super excited that this works and now i don't have to think about dust collection anymore when i'm working it just turns on automatically if i turn a machine off was it worth it no bye

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