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I Perfected The DIY Smokeless Fire Pit That Works

a few months back i made a diy smokeless fire pit that actually works and that video went huge thanks for making that happen today i'm gonna perfect it my sister sent me a picture of her fire pit out here at her and my brother-in-law's house and when i saw it well it made me sad first let's address a couple issues that are wrong with their fire pit number one it's way too big to work as a smokeless fire pit smokeless fire pits actually work better when they're taller and narrower issue number two these blocks yeah they're pink and they don't like that so what they've done is got this solid color concrete stain yesterday my sister started rolling this stain out onto these blocks and as you can see it kind of works like paint we'll have to see how this holds up over time hopefully it'll work well i'm going to go ahead and start laying these out in a suitable size for a smokeless fire pit and then i'll mark where they go with the shovel and i'll start to dig that up so that i can get it nice and flat [Music] oh not gonna lie that took more effort than i was anticipating so in the first video i left one whole brick space to allow air to get in and on this one what i've done is just kind of space them evenly apart except for two spots where i left two together in my previous video for the fire pit i used a galvanized ring and that galvanized ring costs 65 bucks at tractor supply this i ordered from home depot it's a little more expensive this was uh i think 97 or 99 but hopefully this will simplify the fact that with the other fire pit i made the top i cast that with concrete for the cap and with this hopefully there's no cap [Music] required two hours later the pit is ready the rain has stopped but the humidity is most high uh and i have been defeated because several weeks ago when we happened to be over here i stacked some of these up and measured to see what size ring i needed to order so i ordered the ring that is 36 inches on the inside and it's like 42 inches on the outside and according to everything i had taken pictures of when i was here that's what size i needed and now that i've got everything stacked up i cannot get these bricks to work out to where that size will work and i'm running out of daylight here and time just because it's getting late and i got a two-hour drive so what i'm gonna do is i'm gonna take this ring back to our house and i'm gonna modify our fire pit at the house and then i'm gonna order my sister and brother-in-law a 32-inch ring so that we can make that work for them today's video is sponsored by policy genius kim and i first got life insurance when we started having children and for me personally it provides an enormous amount of relief knowing that if something were to happen to me that kim and the girls would be well taken care of with policy genius you can easily compare quotes from over a dozen top insurers all in one place you can save 50 or more on life insurance by comparing quotes to policy genius you could 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could have gotten those blocks to fit but i just didn't have time while i was there to film now that i'm home i've already removed the caps now i'm going to pull out the galvanized ring and although i know that that ring is 36 inches i'm still going to verify that i've got 36 inches at least in here and i have 40 inches of space which is perfect in my original design i used a hole saw and cut holes that were approximately an inch and a half for an inch and three quarter i can't remember exactly but a lot of people said hey maybe you should try smaller holes and do more of them so guess what that is exactly what i'm gonna do i've got a step bit here that goes to 7 8 of an inch i may go a little bit bigger if i need to i've got another step bit but let's try this to begin with now standard tape measures they don't work too well for uh curved stuff [Music] if you've got a flexible tape measure great if not a trick i've seen people use and this is a pretty cool idea just take a piece of tape and in this case on this fire ring it's in four equal sections so i can just go from joint to joint and wrap this tape around and just cut it at each seam and i'll measure where the center of this is this is 28 and a half which makes it 14 and a quarter and i'm just going to go two inches for the center of every hole that i'm going to drill now i can just wrap this from seam to seam and i'll mark each one off with a piece of chalk [Applause] a couple things real quick i just changed out the bit because originally i was using these erwin step bits and i just put in this milwaukee and uh the difference is just amazing number one the milwaukee step bit uh is more graduated so each step is not as pronounced and it's just way sharper and it leaves a much cleaner edge i thought i was gonna have to file these after going through but with the milwaukee i don't even have to file because it leaves a beveled edge i stretched it out i can't believe that it actually did every single one of these holes with one 5 amp battery but it struggled on that last hole but still that is pretty amazing i know it goes without saying but when you get done doing this make sure you get up all your metal shavings because if you're like me especially and you have little girls and dogs you don't want them getting these in their feet also you want to make sure you wear safety glasses so you don't get any shards in your eyes and when you're drilling and you're if you're supporting with your hand make sure you don't put your fingers right where the drill bits going through because that would be nasty okay let's see how it fits in the fire pit which it should be just fine one issue that i did come across because whenever i originally did this fire pit it was for the 12 inch tall galvanized ring and this this ring is only 10 inches tall so i'm just going to fill this bottom up with some rocks to help fill in that gap now just in case you haven't seen the first video jus

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