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I turned this old board into THIS using my laser engraver!!! BEFORE & AFTER

thanks for joining me today today i got a good video we're gonna take an old piece of wood that's been out in the weather and we're gonna cut it we're gonna plane it rob the edges and i'm gonna use my laser engraver to make a cool design so stick with me oh and by the way if you like all my content and what i do please take a moment and subscribe and share this video and get it out to everybody thanks for watching let's go oh yeah that's a good old looking board right there let's get it we're gonna take this old board and try to make something nice out of it all right [Music] all right we got a finished edge now we're just going to take our router [Music] now if you look we got perfectly good edges took the edge off the corner right there now let's make the transformation happen oh yeah and if you hadn't subscribed at this point take a moment and go subscribe turn on notifications so you can catch all the latest videos all right we're to the glow forge gonna open this bad boy up and put our piece of wood right in here now let's get on the computer i'll show you how to do the rest all right so i got my design loaded up and if you see the um these engravers got a camera inside of it so it's got a picture of the wood now i need to make my design smaller so it'll fit and i can center it right here down like that now what i got to do is go in here and put the settings in for the engrave let me look them up i got them written down says 970 for the speed 90 for the power very power 270 all right so now what i'm gonna do is it's ready to go i'm gonna hit print oh i gotta pick the wood type since i'm really not gonna cut this wood i don't think it really matters a lot so i'm just gonna select basswood plywood even though it's some old pine board so now it's scanning it and it's gonna get all the information for me i hit print if you look right here [Music] it's going to come up and it's going to tell me how long it's going to take all right it's up and it's saying 44 minutes and 46 seconds all right so to the machine see the button blank [Music] [Music] all right machines finished open it up check it out come out good okay i could have did a little paid a little more attention when i centered it because i saw off a little bit it's a little you could you know what i mean [Music] you

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