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all right well anyway i'm just going to take a break for a minute oh i guess it could have been worse it could have hurt my back again [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] guys if you've been following the channel you know that a couple weeks ago i built my 55 gallon drum pizza oven and it was nothing short of dare i say a raging success but after i made said pizza oven kim looked at me and said say uh do you think you could bake bread in that oven to which my first reaction was why is your voice so deep my second reaction was with the proper modifications i believe so before i work on that though i do want to address kind of a glaring issue here and uh well i mean just kind of take a look around so i have x amount of time to complete all the projects that i need to get done around the house and the amount of projects that i have to get done is why like seriously why do i have to do all this crap so today i also want to address the mess that is the entire fire pit area actually my whole backyard's a mess i mean i'll just be honest with you back there yeah where it flooded it had actually dried up about 90 and then we had a torrential downpour yesterday right before i was about to start working on that so that's always fantabulous but anyway i want to get this fire pit area cleaned up where we can actually enjoy this and like when i'm out here videoing it doesn't look so junky and nasty it's uh it's a little embarrassing to be honest with you one of the most commonly asked questions whenever people see the fire pit is hey i love the way those rocks are out there what kind of rocks are those well i'm not a landscaper by trade but if i had to guess i would say these rocks well they're they're white they're white rocks with a little bit of a gray tent it's my best guess i would actually highly recommend that you in fact do not do any landscaping using rocks as the base because when we bought this property out here this fire pit area had already been built obviously not with that fire pit it was a combination of rocks and mulch and pine straw and all of those things are horrible we live in a very wet area it's very windy here and we get a lot of rain and the combination of all of those things causes the either the pine straw or the mulch to come over into the rocks and the rocks to mix into those and then the other thing with the rocks is we get tons and tons of weeds growing up in between them and it makes it just a real hassle to maintain i mean honestly they are fairly easy to pull out but i just stay so busy that i run out of time and i can't get them all out of here until today whenever i've just kind of had it and i've had enough of it looking like such a mess out here another problem that we have because of all of these weeds is i can't get out here and spray weed killer on them because of the chickens free-ranging out here i don't want them eating any poisonous you know spray that i've put on the weeds [Music] hey [Applause] [Music] one suggestion that a lot of you made in the comments that i think is actually a really good suggestion is maybe pouring a second concrete slab and putting it up top above where the pizza would go or in this case where the bread would go and actually i think that's really good idea the main issue is i just don't feel like doing it and it worked without it i think for the bread it would be even better and i may end up doing it later so what i've contemplated doing on here is actually making this opening bigger for kim to put a a bread pan in here then i suggested to her let's just make some artisan loaves in here i guess this is what you call it as an artisan leaf and i think that would be fine just just as it is and i think this is plenty tall enough to do that i mean after all pizza dough is bread right one of the things that i do want to do that i think would help to create this more of a to make this more of a oven environment is i've had a door on here so i actually have the pieces that i cut off here uh that's not going to work obviously but i have the back piece and since i'm so good at cleaning up it's just been sitting out here in the rain anywho this i think i can cut a good door out of to go on here so let's get started on that um [Music] [Music] so guys i've been thinking that's always a dangerous thing i don't always do that sometimes they do i've been thinking that uh we need a name for our little little get-togethers like actually i have a name you need a name obviously the name of the channel is hacksman i am hacksman although some of you know me by my secret identity what i call you guys what do we call our gathering now the obvious answer is that i need to sharpen my knife the obvious answer is the hacksmen hey friends don't open up your package like that and lose all your screws statistically speaking about 17 of you are women so although hacksman would be cool because i mean i do already have a dog named storm and a dog named havoc i could be professor hax would it be you know like hacks people like hey hacks people welcome back or that sounds stupid what about hack's friends you know kind of like the super friends only hacks friends you know kind of like spider-man had the super friends i don't know i don't know what works best i want you guys to let me know let me know in the comments what you think you should be called [Applause] for a handle on this door i'm just using a cabinet knob is this going to work is this going to hold up over time i have no idea so i understand that's probably going to get very hot but as far as i could think of the only alternatives were either wood or plastic and those would either burn up or melt so i figured this right here i can just kind of either hit grab with some tongs or um whatever gloves some beloved fingers guys while that paint's drying i do want to talk to you about what is perhaps my most egregious violation of fire pit etiquette and that is my injection molded plastic chairs my terrible adirondack chairs listen some of you guys have uh you know called me out on this and said that i need to upgrade my chairs chuck looking at you they start out this color they end up this color they crack they break they just don't last kim and i have been looking for a solution to this so we have been looking at outdoor furniture various types what would look good out here and we came across pollywood outdoor furniture and it's this recycled plastic lumber furniture and we thought man that is that is the stuff right there that's probably what we need to think about getting well we went to the outdoor furniture store we came home and like two days later i had this email from none other than pollywood they said hey listen man we've been watching your videos your outdoor furniture sucks would you like some better stuff and i'm paraphrasing here okay and i was like yeah i would so pollywood if you're not aware was the first company to create outdoor furniture using recycled plastic over 30 years ag

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