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Jurgen Klopp Lookalike Disguise Kit! 4 EASY Steps!

get a folks uncle knackers here from DIY for knuckleheads with a bit of a different assorted video today so make sure you stick around that should be fun let's go now look if you follow the Premier League in the UK and I think on the last count there are a few I think you're probably realize that Liverpool the mighty Reds under the leadership of Juergen on the normal one clop are probably gonna take out the Premier League title this year and if they do wouldn't it be awesome to celebrate in classic young Jurgen Klopp style boom woo what was this and to make that celebration a little more authentic and enjoyable looking like the old clock my staff will be the icing on the cake and to easily pull off the Jurgen Klopp the skies are you going to need are four of jurgen ‘s trademark looks with number one be his facial hair which is now going gray number two is Jurgen is cap number three Hagen's glasses either a clear or a black frame doesn't really matter and if you haven't got any glasses don't panic mister man ring just go down to your local service station buy a cheap bastard per of Sony's pop out the lenses and Bob's your uncle and number four the piece de resistance is this fantastic tip that I picked up from Olaf falafel I hope I said your name right mate and that is a train ticket or a tram ticket that will use for your guns fluorescent white teeth now I didn't have a train ticket so I just got a bit of white cardboard and drew a black stripe on it and with that we are all ready to get our Jurgen on okay let's do this facial hair check glasses on whack on a cap like that and then in go the teeth and that my friends was my feeble attempt at taking off the old Jurgen Klopp in four simple steps alrighty well I hope you enjoyed that video and if you did a big thumbs up would be awesome and remember to all your rigs out there celebrate like this no tomorrow because these titles don't come around very often and with that till next time be good be safe and your guns out of here Cheers boom [Music]

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