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Laser engraving a recipe with the Glowforge Laser cutter.

welcome to sawdust and wood today today i'm gonna be showing y'all a glow forge i bought it's a laser cutter glowforge did not send it to me i paid for it with my own money so there'll be a code below if anyone's interested in buying one you get 500 off and then they give me 500 and if you buy one and get your code out and the same thing happens and it applies so but check out some of the cool stuff i um i made i'm gonna show you the laser cutting um a recipe that my wife's grandmother she's german and they have a recipe from her and she engraved it in a piece of wood and just check out how good it comes out and then i'll show you a couple other things i made and if y'all got any questions anything post them below please like and share the video y'all have a great day [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] do [Music] [Music] you

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