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Lumber prices are too high!!

welcome to another episode of sawdust and wood thanks for joining me today with price with the price of lumber being so expensive these days this is what i'm doing i bought me a planer cost me about 400 bucks but every time i find a pallet or anything i take the boards i d-nail them and i run them through the planer and i keep them now check out this wood how bad a shape it's in look at this now watch this when i get done how pretty this wood is adjust my planer remember go to fiber and check out your boy's sawdust and wood type in sawdust and wood in the search or type in miter saw schedule one-on-one session with myself and we'll get to [Music] learning [Music] [Music] look at the finish look at the finish on this board beautiful now i'm going to take this nice pretty piece of wood that was once trashy looking put it in my shed use it next time i need some lumber i have a great day thanks for watching

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