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Millions Will Die From This

foreign [Applause] [Music] it's a toilet paper toilet paper [Music] welcome back hex Maniacs in a disaster or the doodoo hits the fan situation one of the first things you'll have to worry about is having clean drinking water you know since without it you'll die and if you drink contaminated water you'll die or at least get diarrhea or dysentery in which case you could die 2 million people around the world die every year from waterborne diseases you can have all the cool prepper gear you want but if you don't plan for water purification you will most likely die in a major disaster and if you wait until the last minute to plan for such an event you're going to be fighting The Horde for what's left and if your plan is to rely on someone else to come save you I suggest you read a history book now I know not everyone can spend a bunch of money on high dollar water purifiers so today I'm going to show you five ways to filter and purify water for every budget including free so you don't die this is a LifeStraw price about 15 to 20 dollars inside the case here is a hollow fiber membrane and that's what does all the purification LifeStraw says it removes 99.99999 of bacteria and parasites and it lasts for 1 000 gallons it's nice and Compact and easy to carry but let me show you its major disadvantage you have to get extremely close to your water source not only is that inconvenient it could be dangerous there's no telling what's lurking in these Waters crikey that's a big Sheila that's exactly what I'm talking about you could collect your water in a container and then use the live straw that's kind of a hassle and then there's kind of a touchy subject what if you only have one life straw and multiple people there's a high risk for the proliferation of cooties yeah yeah well all this is all fine and good but I want to see what the inside of this thing looks like let's get out this High Precision cutting instrument I can't this isn't really working on the end I'm just going to cut down the length of it I want to see what that Hollow fiber membrane looks like oh it's just a bunch of shoelaces okay all right cut a little bit lower see if I can get in there better tada you can see there were all these ends were attached and then whenever I cut I'm trying to get in there they actually tear pretty easily let's see if I can kind of stretch it it feels a little bit rubbery but it doesn't really stretch before it breaks but apparently these all have tiny little microscopic holes in them you can see there where it's attached at the end interesting so the left straw is a paradox it's both convenient and inconvenient but I say you know what it's just cheap enough and simple enough that it's worth having a couple of rounds this is the pure bag nice and compact easy to store price 45 and it holds two and a half gallons of water I can explain how this works but instead I'd rather show you be a lot cooler if you did we're gonna head into the swamp and I'm gonna try to avoid any uh copperheaded rattle moccasins and swamp chickens [Music] I would say this is probably some water that you don't want to drink okay so let's get this thing going first I've got the uh little slide and a little clamp I'm going to take off those in my pocket and try not to lose them then all we do oh I just let water in my boot that's a bummer I'm just gonna open up the end of the bag and get some water in there I'm a little wigged out because uh there's alligators out right now because of all the rain we've been getting [Music] that's not dirty enough Let's see we can do with this next we put in one of these packets of PNG water purifier there it goes I'm gonna fold that over and then this little slider clamp it's going to keep it closed then you shake it for five minutes [Music] finally conveniently located branch and hanging on the branch let it set for 30 minutes guys while that does its magic right over here somewhere let me tell you about something very near and dear to my stomach green Chef green Chef is a ccof certified organic company they have options for every lifestyle keto paleo vegan vegetarian fast and fit Mediterranean and yeah gluten-free now while we try to be as self-sufficient as possible we also stay crazy busy making these videos so Doorstep Delivery gives us a reprieve and allows us to skip the grocery store which I hate going to did someone say Sriracha tamare beef bowls and did I say that right I don't know but let's see what's inside how about that first step on the recipe card calls for water the pre-portioned ingredients and pre-made sauces make cooking fast and easy even for an idiot like me we're gonna need a bigger pot foreign because you hex Maniacs are so awesome you can use my code hatsman 135 to get a 135 off across five boxes plus free shipping on your first box go to for more details and I'll put a link in the description below that's amazing the packet does all the purification and the bag helps with moving all of the solids down to the bottom of the bag I got so many [Music] foreign [Music] stupid that's exactly what I didn't want to happen what you would normally do then if I had not just released it all twist that bag like that put this clamp on and then that allows you to release all the solids so that's actually still super yellow and when I first saw this bag on a battle box channel so I'm going to do what they did and I'm going to add a second package [Music] foreign [Music] it's probably a mosquito larva [Music] that I believe is a sea monkey foreign purification Cycles let's see what it looks like can't say that it looks refreshing but depending on your situation it might would and then there's the solids at the bottom there is still some larva in here swimming around so it definitely doesn't kill that there's at least at least three mosquito larva and uh I don't know what happened to our sea monkey so right off the bat the whole deal with this is that what purebag claims that I'm not knocking them because you know it's has its purpose you are supposed to spin this twist it and when you twist it you're limiting limiting it says the recontamination well all that stuff is sitting right there in the bottom so when you spin it it just kind of shoots back up let's clean that out take the clamp off whatever those solids are they're still in there now the pure bag does have a carbon filter on it so I'm hoping that that will kind of keep the rest of that mess in there I'm going to release a little bit of that out of there to kind of clean that out all right let's see what she looks like so I'm guessing because that carbon filter is wet pours so slowly but that's fine there's the water out of it not bad clearly the carbon filter does the job at the end I don't see anything floating around in there Bottoms Up I don't want to drink too much of it in case it doesn't work but I can say that tasted like tap water I mean that was perfectly fine no weird taste at all no mosq

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