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My 10 Years on YouTube. Warts and All Exposed!

g'day folks uncle knackers here guess what last night i finally realized that i uploaded my first video to youtube 10 years ago it's hard to believe yep march 24 2010. i tell you what the old youtube it's certainly aged man check out those greys actually i think it gives me a bit of credibility it makes me look a little more you know distinguished yeah i like distinguished so i was having a bit of a think about what i can do to commemorate being on youtube for 10 years so what i've decided is i'll play a few clips some of the fun stuff some of the more interesting projects that i've done from the start right through to now and then i'll intersperse that with a few quick tips and tricks that i use that hopefully will help you grow your channel and maybe even extend your career on youtube so let's kick off this 10-year montage with some rather embarrassing dress-ups i can't believe i did half this stuff boy how's it going cheers sorry what's happened looks like we need to cross to the newsroom for some breaking news good afternoon breaking news justin [Music] how did i finish up in here what a ripping party get that knuckleheads a technique that's so good that the egyptians even used it to build their pyramids so it's got to be good what i'm being an egyptian so what technique are we talking about the technique of using levers door fixed great tip knackers that's my boy trust me she was much prettier when i married her okay now there's occasions when things don't quite go to plan but that's okay it's even good sometimes to leave that sort of stuff in because it makes your content more authentic g'day folks uncle knackers here guess what what me was it me i think i stepped on a duck look we can't all be perfect right g'day folks can't do it i can't do it right oh god here we go i'm crying and if they do wouldn't it be awesome to celebrate in classic yeah jurgen klopp style boom what was this oh there's nothing like a good shelf to store some beer am i still wearing that hat that can go whoops oh not happy people not happy at all i've cut too much of an angle on this piece of timber because now it's become a bit too unstable hate that now did i or did i not say earlier that there were nails in this timber told you step number two you've removed the trap now it's time to remove all the gunk and the funkiness and the hair from inside the trap now i'm letting you know now that i'm taking one for the team because i have an extremely sensitive stomach when it comes to this sort of thing and uh i can't promise you that i'll keep it all together but anyway let's give it a go so put your fingers in oh my god please god [Applause] that was bad i warned you i told you what's going to happen and i cannot believe there's still stuff in here do not ask so there you go post in the ground as solid as a rock that was unexpected i can't believe i just did that oh well i gave the old bench top a bit of a coat anyway it's not all bad now a big part of my content over the past 10 years was soaked up with my 50 part owner builder video series man that was a mission basically a whole year seven days a week and to be honest it almost killed me but it was so worth it where i totally transformed our little old fibro cement and weatherboard beach shack that was about i know 60 to 70 years old into this pretty cool looking pad now the entire process was documented from the permit demolition phase right through to the finished product and i have to say i'm pretty happy with how it all turned out now going through all that leads me on to my next tip and that is to succeed on youtube you can't give up this youtube thing takes time so don't expect your channel to blow up overnight because in reality that's as rare as hen's teeth something like point zero zero one percent something ridiculous like that as confucius say he who does not give up he had to compete with he said it confucius nosy stuff did it what can somebody fact check that did he say that or did i just make that up then it's time to apply the oil to the deck look at that [Music] that is absolutely amazing it goes on so smoothly and the result is just spectacular love it i can't believe how good this looks and hey check this out oil goes on oil goes off oil goes on oil goes off what an amazing product now i love a good dad joke and i think there's nothing better than watching your kids squirm and growing with embarrassment as dad tries to tell a joke now i often put one of those into my videos which is another good tip because then you become known as the guy that does that certain thing now i know for a fact that if i don't put a joke in my videos straight away in the comments section i get oi where's the dad joke [Music] hey guys quick question how do you turn an outdoor sofa into a sofa bed easy you forget your wife's birthday i hope she didn't hear that she's got pretty good hearing oh by the way speaking of magnets don't tell you that the other day i bought a brand new fridge magnet i'm really pleased with it yeah so far i've picked up 12 fridges speaking of tape measures how's this i was on the couch the other day just relaxing watching a bit of tally when my ten-year-old son comes up to me within about five feet and starts to tap me on the face with the end of the tape measure repeatedly and i said to him what the hell are you doing he says i'm just measuring your patience dad i said you cheeky little oh just a quick side note and while we're talking about measuring things have you ever wondered why tradesmen always seem to have fresh breath it's because they're always taking measurements delicious alrighty you know the score that jake scale out of 10 let me know down below minty fresh just a quick side note i was going through my database to find a dad joke for this video and i really struggled to find one that related to a hammer but how's this i was going for a ride the other day true story and i came across this guy walking a really unusual looking dog and the dog had a hammer in his mouth yeah yeah so uh i pull over and i say to the guy hey mate what sort of dog's that and the bloke goes it's a labrathor get it labrador and thor chris hemsworth it's a mixture they mix and that's that's the joke forget it hey did you hear the one about the keen gardener who woke up one morning to discover that the season had turned to spring no you're so excited he wet his plants true story yep that's pretty much the best i've got now with all this talk of scare boxes and spiders i think it's just about time to lighten the mood with a couple of good old dad jokes and as per usual on the dad joke rating scale out of 10 let me know down below okay joke number one what are spider webs good for spiders what not good enough okay tough crowd i get it how's this one what do you get when you cross a spider with a cob of corn cobwebs [Music] not bad not too bad at all and finally one for the bigger kids what do you get when you cross a spider with a squir

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