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My NEW Favourite Drywall Anchor!

now correct me if i'm wrong but i think the biggest fear that most people have when it comes to hanging a heavy pitcher or a mirror is that the wall anchor won't hold and your precious artwork print or mirror will come crashing down to the ground not good bend your knees people bend your knees blimey that was heavy and to make matters worse your anxiety levels are heightened even more when you don't have the option of a wall stud to attach your hanging fixture to which means that you're relying entirely on the strength of a wall anchor that's been attached or fitted to the drywall or plasterboard now look there are all types of wall anchors out there suitable for hanging pictures mirrors and the like some are good and some are absolute rubbish and it can get a little confusing so without trying to overwhelm you with all the different options i just want to show you this one here that i stumbled across the other day that really impressed me it's suitable for hanging heavy objects like a big picture or a big mirror and the bonus is is that you don't need a drill to install it all you need is a number two phillips head screwdriver which most people have and for the record this is not a sponsored video and speaking of heavy things how's this a couple of days ago my faithful old dog became really sick so i had to take the poor old fella to the vet yeah yeah true story the vet picks him up studies him for a bit and finally he comes back and he says look i'm really sorry but i think i'm gonna have to put the old fella down with tears running down my face i was absolutely shocked and i said why what's wrong with him and the vet says nothing major is just really heavy and he he had a dicky back as well so yeah had to put him down just too heavy [Music] don't winch that was the best i could come up with don't whinge g'day folks uncle knackers here and in today's video i'm going to show you how easy it is to install one of these self drilling easy anchor heavy duty wall toggles that was a mouthful and then put it through its paces to see if in fact it lives up to its weight-bearing claim of 20 kilograms or 44 pounds now just out of interest and to put it into perspective 20 kilograms or 44 pounds is pretty heavy it's the equivalent of a bag of concrete mix or even an elephant's heart have you seen one of those suckers they're huge and here's the mock-up that i've made for the demonstration pretty fancy and can i just say before we start that you only use a wall anchor in the absence of a wall stud if you can find a wall stud to attach your hanging fixture to by all means do that first as that will give a fast superior hold than just the wall anchor alone and if you want to know how to easily find a wall stud i'll leave a link to one of my videos in the card which should be up over there somewhere or in the description box down below so you can check that out later on if you need to now before i install the anchor i want you to pay close attention to the two arrows on the head there's one here and one over there we want these to finish up on a vertical axis like that straight up and down and not a horizontal axis which is side to side and i'll explain why that's important a bit later on so all you need to do is to mark where you want the anchor to go and then with the point that little bit there place it on your mark and just give it a little bit of a you know push it in a bit like that and then grab your phillips head screwdriver and just start clockwise drilling that into the drywall or plasterboard now it's really easy doesn't take much force at all we'll be through in a second just like that and then just wind the anchor in it goes in so easy and just keep on turning so it's nice and firm until those arrows like that are pointing straight up and down now if we can just take a closer look at those arrows you can see that they are straight up and down which is vertical that's good but you'll also see on the side here where it says easy toggle we want the e on the end of toggle to be facing in the upward direction and then all you need to do is to get your picture hanging fixture place a screw that comes with the toggle through the hole and into the wall anchor just like that and this is where the magic happens as you push that screw in just like that it'll engage the lever around the back here and then all you need to do is to drive that screw in in a clockwise direction and that will bring that lever in until it fits up as tight as the drum up against the back of the drywall or the plasterboard now we get that nice and straight give it a bit of a tighten and boom how easy is that now remember earlier we spoke about the arrows on the head of the toggle facing up and down because we did that you can see how the lever is now sitting vertically and not horizontally which makes this stronger in regard to downward pressure now i also mentioned how on the word toggle the letter e needed to be facing upwards with the arrow because we did that the long section of our lever is facing up or on top and not down below which also makes this stronger in regard to downward pressure now one more thing regarding the magical letter e and that is because it's facing up if we wanted to remove this toggle all you need to do is to remove that screw take it out that lever will then drop and then all you need to do is to unscrew the toggle from the wall and you're good to go relatively mess free and with minimal fuss if the e was facing down that lever wouldn't drop and removing that toggle would be much more difficult okay folks time for the fun stuff and that's the weight bearing test and to make it a bit more interesting i've strategically placed a dozen beautifully fresh free-range eggs directly under the weight to soften the impact in case of wall anchor failure i think it should do the trick and i've called it my yoke separator any run for an omelette let's do it okay let's kick off with a 10 kilogram weight it's pretty heavy all right here we go fingers crossed look at that beautiful okay let's up the ante a bit oh that is heavy okay i'm now up in the ante we've now got 15 kilograms and can i just say that in my entire life i've never hung this much weight off a single toggle here we go wish me luck can't get done there all right 15 kilos [Music] check that out pretty happy with that that's heavy i think that hook might give way before the anchor does all right let's go for 20. okay here we go it says 20 kilograms on the tin let's see how true that is oh god blimey isn't heavy here we go [Music] check that out folks 20 kilograms that is not too bad i like it okay i want to see some scrambled eggs he's 30 kilograms i can hardly lift it there we go oh boy jelly here we go all right 30 kilograms check that out how good is that that's amazing oh nice scrambled eggs disappointing right i've got to get doc now now look i'm just as disappointed as you are regarding the lack of scrambled eggs so to rec

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