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Never Misplace a Tool Again! WorkShop Hack, 101

right now where is that Ellen key for the kids bike seat you know it's in here somewhere it doesn't belong there either does that looking I know it's here this happens every single time sound familiar get a folks uncle knackers here from DOI for knuckleheads and welcome to episode three of my workshop tax tips and tricks video series and if you want to see more stuff just like this you know what to do bang and bang beauty okay let's face it for most of us out there the insides of our tool box look a bit like a dog's breakfast Exhibit A and Exhibit B now the problem with having a missing tool box guilty like you saw at the start of the video is that it can be a little difficult and frustrating to quickly identify and lay your hands on a tool when you need it now today's awesome workshop hack is sent in by wait for it modus operandi modus operandi could be wrong but I don't think that's his real name but his tip is an absolute cracker it's so simple it just screams common sense I hear and speaking of screams and toolboxes I've got a quick one for you what monster in the toolbox are all the tool scared of their employers [Music] hmm what I thought that was pretty good oh you guys you're gettin so picky now just very quickly before I share today's workshop hack if you entered my last competition to win one of those amazing stunt pops but finders keep watching because I'll be drawing the winner of that one very shortly it could be you all righty onto this week's tip in most households usually there's at least one or two allen keys that you use more often than others for example for me I have one allen key that I use to make the various adjustments to the kids bikes like moving this seat up and down which seems to be a daily occurrence these days and the other is the allen key that I use to constantly repair the dodgy cap that I have in the laundry gotta replace that tap tries me mental instead of wasting all that time sorting through all this jumble each and every time trying to find the right allen key for the job today's hack is to simply spray-paint the ones that you use on a regular basis a specific color or you can even just wrap some tape around them to make them easily identifiable how simple is that and the good news is is that you'll never have trouble locating those pesky on keys ever again great tip knackers thanks for that notice great tip mate now if you can just direct message me with your shipping details to my Instagram account which you can find it down below that way we can get one of my stickers sent out to you now it's your turn if you've got a fantastic simple workshop hack tip or trick and you want to share it with the rest of the world make sure check out my submission requirements under the social section in the description box down below I'd love to see them alrighty competition time now just before I draw the winner I want to give a big THANK YOU to everybody out there who took the time to enter I had to say this was a very popular competition with well over 100 entries impressive ok let's do this I'm on my stud finder video now if I go across here the random comment selector gizmo is brought to you by true buddy which of these guys in red now I'm a massive fan of to buddy and I use them every single time to optimize my videos prior to upload so if you're interested I leave a link to those guys down below where you can check out their free software alrighty well click on the icon and that brings up this box and we'll go down to the pick a winner which is there and that brings up this box which is the running a contest on this video box and the green box down here is the pick a winner all right drum roll maestro here we go and bang congratulations Ellen tunnelled you've won the stud pot mate well done so Ellen if you can direct message me with your shipping details to either my Instagram account on my Facebook page which you can find down below it's that way we can organize to get that stud pop out to you now if you want to see more videos like the one you just watched check out my two playlists which should be popping up over there anytime soon thanks for watching and I hope you enjoyed and found that video useful and if you did a big thumbs up will be greatly appreciated alrighty after all that I think I need a cup of tea so till next time please remember to wash your hands be good be safe and I'm out of here Cheers

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