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Pick lock using the double wrench method! EASIEST METHOD!

today i'm going to show you how to use wrenches to get your padlock undone if you ever lose your key well if you got a key it would be easy right so you don't have your key first off if you look at a lock this little latching mechanism right here that's going to be a weak point and if you look in the lock where it actually hooks to here that's going to be a weak point so i'm going to use the wrenches to pull up and exert a lot of force now if this lock or shorter right here i could get away with only using two wrenches i could put one wrench in like this and then hook this wrench in and pry it up and pop it but this lock is thicker so i'm gonna put two wrenches in right here [Music] right on the side then i'm gonna come right here and we're gonna see how easy this lock pop got my leverage [Music] while i popped it right out of there let's see if it'll lock it's bent oh it latched it's done thanks for watching today please like this video that gets it in the youtube algorithm and gets more people to see it thanks for watching please subscribe and share and do not use this trick to be a bad person and steal stuff from people this is to help you if you need to get into a lot thanks for watching have a great day

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