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Roof Rafter Tips

welcome to sawdust and wood and thanks for joining me for the tip of the week this week we're gonna talk rafters I got some future videos coming up and we're gonna build a couple roofs so leading into that I'm making this video I want to explain to y'all so y'all going to understand how to steel square is such an awesome tool and I'm going to show you how the steel square does all the math for you and find a rafter left let's get to it alright let's get started so if I have a 2 foot span to cut a rafter I need half of that so it would be 1 foot so that's what I got a mark off on my rafter so I got the square and I got the 6 right on the edge of the board and I already mark that line 6 and then on the outside of the square here I got 12 right on the edge alright so if I were using the step off method that's exactly how I would mark it and I would come down here and put a little line make this plumb mark here slide the square over line up six and twelve again just like this on the edge then I would make this mark here now I can come back and put my Birds mouth here if this was the one foot rafter right I will come and I would put my square down and if I wanted it if it we had on the 2×4 wall and I wanted it to have full bearing on that wall I could get three and a half inches here and make that mark to three and a half and now I know where my rafters down that's gonna sit on top of the wall the wall is going down here and it's gonna fit perfect now let's get how the square did the lift for me let's measure how long that raptor is here so if I measure here to here I get 13 and three-eighths 13 to 3/8 right here top the top now let's go to my raptor book I have open that up and 612 pitch one foot of run is 13 and 3/8 and also on the steel square you can look right here and look up 6 and it gives you 13 point 42 inches which is basically 13 and 3/8 and if all you had was a square and let's see let's say you need a 10-foot or run you could do thirteen point four two times ten and get your rafter length or you could do ten step off says 612 with the square and get the same length so if I take the square sat down here and set up on 12 down side of 12 and on six right here I'll show you what I get let me get the camera all right you see the square I got six I got 12 so I'm gonna put my tape on outside of 12 right here and I want to move to the six and look where the six hits right here right it 13 and 3/8 so the distance from the six to the 12 is 13 and 3/8 that's my wrap to lift and you're looking to book of raptors one foot of run is 13 and 3/8 alright guys thanks for watching the tip of the week I'm building y'all up so y'all can cut y'all first-fruit roof if you have it so if you got any questions about what I went over today please put them in the comment section below like and subscribe share this video um I just wanted to show y'all that this square is such an awesome tool and under appreciated I think and it finds all the rattle it's for you on everything so I hope you understood what I was what I went over we're gonna build a roof coming up soon in a video thank y'all so much for watching and we're going to move on to Jordan and have a great day should be like it and like and subscribe and share them and share the video to all your friends that's right give the video out to all your friends y'all have a blessed day bye-bye [Music]

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