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Talking Table Saw Safety Tips | Beginner

in today's video we're talking about three table saw safety tips for the beginner with a table saw blade spinning at just under 150 miles an hour keeping your body safe from any material that decides the kickback is extremely important so the first tip I have is to never stand directly behind a blade but rather off to the side so that if a workpiece does kick back it's going to either skim you or better yet completely miss you if you're right-handed like I am stand off to the left with your hips slightly turn to the right and feed the material through the saw with the right hand if you're left-handed and don't feel comfortable this way you can stand off to the right and feed the material through with your left hand the last thing that be mindful of is watch what you wear long sleeves baggy clothes or lots of giulia can be dangerous around these saws tip number two is something I personally do and I've done it for over 20 years you see in the back of my mind I'm always thinking about kickback man having my hand accidentally pulled into the blade so what I actually do is wrap my pinky over the fence which acts as an anchor so that if my hand would ever get pulled in the direction of the blade my pinkie would stop that from happening or at least inhibited from happening it's something simple and I don't think anybody really teaches this but for me personally it adds some extra safety insurance while using this saw tip number three is also related to kickback which is the number one concern while using these saws and that is using a feather board feather boards have made from water plastic and are designed to hold material tightly or firmly to a fence or a table while at the same time in inhibiting the material from moving backwards essentially preventing kickback feather boards are extremely helpful when ripping narrow stock and when using the saw without the blade guard the key to the feather board is placement never put the feather board directly in line with the blade but rather slightly in front of the blade you know you have it set up right when the feather boards fingers are slightly flexing as your workpiece is going through and when the cut off is free to move away from the blade without being trapped by the feather board well that does it for this week's training video if you're interested in learning more tips about preventing kickback or more about just general table saw use be sure to click the videos below and if you're not already and subscriber click here thanks for watching I'll see you all next Tuesday

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