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Testing My Sawstop Table Saw! One Year Review – Worth $1400?

hey guys today i'm going to be reviewing my sawstop jobsite pro 10 inch table saw it's a mouthful [Music] and basically i'm going to be asking is this table saw worth fourteen hundred dollars [Music] oh how close how close will i get relax it's just youtube magic nothing to worry about folks let me explain to you real quick what sawsop does all sawstop table saws have a built-in aluminum break and if anything touches the blade that can conduct a current like your hand the saw senses that and shoots that aluminum brake into the blade and it drops down out of the way before it can hurt your hand generally even before it can put a nick in your finger no other saw manufacturer does that this is what one of the brakes looks like that goes inside the saw stop now this one is actually for a dado blade which brings me to another point that this saw will also hold an 8 inch dado blade and fully function with the brake the jobsite pro comes with a 10 inch 40 tooth combination blade and it is absolutely useless because this saw only has one and a half horsepower if it had three horsepower a combination blade would be most excellent but on this it's useless and you need to go ahead and get rid of it what you're going to need is a 24 tooth cross cut blade for lumber because it's going to work perfectly it's going to power through everything and not bog the saw down and if you want to deal with something like plywood where you're going to be cross cutting instead of ripping in that case you're going to want this 60 tooth ripping blade for stuff like plywood and everything because it's going to give you a nice smooth cut i've literally tripped the breaker every single time i've tried using the combination blade let's talk about fences because fences on job site saws are notoriously horrible now for someone like myself coming from a cabinet shop background and using something like a beesmeyer fence on a full cabinet saw and then you go to a job site saw and you use a horrible fence it's terrible the fence on this jobsite pro is pretty freaking amazing i gotta say i do love it the the lockdown system is really efficient and it locks down firmly and the back there's very little movement at the back in its standard setup it'll cut down to 13 and a half inches wide but then you just flip this little lever on the bottom and you can expand that out and then there's a different set of numbers that you use and then you can cut up to 25 and a half inches wide once you do expand it it leaves this area right here that's open and it actually has this storage box that holds an extra break and your t-square and your safety cover which you know i'll never use that sorry folks sorry whenever you've got something like a piece of plywood that's shooting across here there's nothing to support that wrong you actually just flip this little knob on top of the fence and when you do that it gives you this little flat area to rest against one of the other really cool features about this fence is that this extra little piece on the side actually detaches and you can attach it to the blade side so that when you're cutting something narrow you don't have to get the full blade excuse me the full fence right up close to the blade and it gives you a little bit of extra room to put your fingers beside the blade i'm just kidding i know that freaks you people out actually actually i probably would put my fingers there but you know for your push stick and everything it just gives you some extra room oh i missed him how about blade height adjustment one full rotation takes the blade all the way up and all the way down super fast to adjust the bevel of the blade all you do is squeeze and turn super easy super fast again the saw has a two-stage power button all you do is flip the switch to on and it'll blink red and green depending on how long it's been on i've had this saw in use so it did it really quickly once it stays green then you just pull the paddle switch and that turns the full power on one thing you do have to keep in mind when you're using a saw stop that is not an issue on other saws is when you're doing things like in the video where i built the bird cage with my daughter riley i passed some aluminum sheeting through here and as soon as it hit the blade it locked the brake up because it passed the current through it so in order to avoid things like that and even if you're running stuff like maybe some wet wood some pressure treated lumber all you have to do is bypass the safety system and to do that you push down this key at the top and then once you get a red light there flashes you pull the paddle up and once you get another red flash then you can let go another one of the things that i love about this saw is that just because that has the saw stop feature the safety feature you know they could charge for that and just kind of put out a mediocre saw and for most people it'd be worth it just have that safety feature but they put a lot of thought into things like the fence and also the cart that it rolls on super easy super sturdy for somebody like me who who works in like my garage my garage is my shop and it gets tighter and smaller every day as we put my girls four wheelers and bikes and as i get extra wood and lumber and it piles up i just run out of space so i'm constantly moving stuff around so having something like this is perfect for me all you do is step on the lever then pull it up let it lock let it lock and then roll it out of the way even though you don't see me use it very often they do provide you with a a plastic push stick that actually works pretty well and has its own handy dandy storage area right here on the side of the saw the sawstop table saw does of course come with a riving knife and it's very easy to remove all you do is pull this lever flick that lever up and like i said it's very easy to remove it's a little trick to it there we go it just has these two little notches these two holes that line up with two pegs on here so once you get that part figure it out then put it back in no effort at all as far as dust collection goes on this saw although i don't use it very often it actually does have pretty good dust collection it has these two little shrouds they're just on this flexible piece of plastic hinge at the back and they have a magnet on the front of them that catches to hold it in place and these move away for when you want to pull the blade out or the break now of course anybody can shove a hot dog into a saw blade but here on the haxman well i have meticulously hand crafted the meat hand which i will be shoving into the saw blade i almost forgot pinkies up gotta keep it fancy let's break something but first safety i've got multiple cameras set up so they're in the shot i've got the fan shroud pulled back underneath in the cabinet of the saw and the meat hand is being consumed by flies everything is rolling i got one shot at this let's see what happens [Music] holy smoke wow

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