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The correct way to lay decking boards to avoid them rotting!!!!

[Music] this picture here is me and my dad when i was building my deck for my swimming pool he come over and help me help me get everything done and i appreciate that and he knows i've been busy at work just been busy in general i had nasal surgery that's why i sound like this so he comes out of the blue the other day he brings me a video he said look i made you a video for your channel you could voice over and i said after i listened to it i said dad i said the way you explain it i can't explain it any better so enjoy he is coming out with a youtube channel i'll let y'all know what he does but enjoy the video thanks a lot today i'm going to be reclaiming some some decking material this is five quarter by six treated lumber it's taken and thrown out because uh it was it was rotten in the way you see some of the most of the pieces look like that this is what i want to show you about the wood this is the way it should be installed with the bark side up not like this park side down it should be installed like this bark side up however these two pieces were put in bark side down and see how the back of this one is all rotting away [Music] that's how it was installed see this one right here this one was installed the wrong way too it should have been installed like this you can see how this board is still saturated with water see this one was installed wrong this one was installed right this one was installed right this is the board that you should never use on a deck cut from the center of the tree anything that's got the bark lines coming up and down because that's where the water comes in at you shouldn't use this one but i want to show you how these boards are fairly old but listen to the sound of the one these two are bark side up that's how they were installed this is one that the lines are straight up and down shouldn't use that on the deck and this one was undone upside down looking at the sound of the different wood these two are still pretty solid these two however are waterlogged you

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