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The most important thing to know about a miter saw!

welcome to sawdust and wood today today i want to teach you something they definitely don't teach you in school it's hard information to find if you own a miter saw and then trying to make some cuts and you're noticing your angles just don't come out right there's one reason for that and one reason only let me tell you why now the reason is because zero does not cut zero it cuts a 90 degree angle it's a right angle here to the blade 45 is true so this is really 90 80 70 60 50 and 45. now if you need more help understanding this go check out my video advanced miter saw techniques welcome to sawdust and wood this is chris today i'm going to teach you advanced miter saw techniques if 90 is actually zero five is 85 on down the line and 45 and 45 are true and anyone who's ever cut 245's and made a 90 know what i'm talking about because you go down further and say okay well i need a 80 degree angle and then you cut 240s thinking that 240 degree angles are going to give you a 80 degree cut but it's really not it gives you a hundred degree angle to because it's really 50. so you want to make it a 100 degree cut and i'll give you a quick demonstration of what i'm talking about right here all right here's your example here's zero so 40 degrees my saw set on on the money so if i make two cuts right here i should have a 80 degree angle right let's try it out all right so the angle split i'm gonna put it together right here i'm gonna put my angle finder on it and then i'm gonna get the camera over here to show you what it really is all right so here you got the angle put together let's see what it is angle finder says it's a 100 degree angle first thing i do is say man this saw isn't set right but that's not the issue the issue is just understanding that these saws at zero cut a right angle 90 degrees that's it once you understand that when you count backwards to 45 you have it made and you can even go back and watch advanced miter saw techniques and i'll show you how to cut from from a 45 degree angle and lower so you could cut 20 degree angles 25 degree angles check that video out thanks for watching sawdust and wood today this is the most important thing to know about a miter saw share this video and get it out there i can't even imagine how many people are struggling with this that have miter saws thanks for watching have a great day you

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