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The most INSANE LADDER ACCIDENTS with Reaction

what's up everybody welcome to sawdust and wood i put together some ladder falls and you may find some of them funny but they're a serious issue people in general a lot of people don't know a lot about ladder safety so we're going to watch a couple of the falls and we're going to analyze them and see what we come up with and see if i missed something y'all put in the comments section down below we're going to try to figure out what these people did wrong let's get to it [Music] right off the bat i see a bunch of things wrong the guys in the man left are supposed to be tied off with a harness that's the number one thing case they fall out the basket but obviously they're not too worried about that so this guy at the bottom will never be able to hold that ladder and if you look at the guy at the top the ladder i'd be amazed if he can get down this thing let's look at it this is what in south louisiana you call akuyon two kuyons you got lucky on that one all right so got a building here the guy's going up the ladder oh my goodness oh oh my gosh if i was that guy at the top we would be fighting if i got up oh my goodness all right the main thing i'm gonna say about this is you never supposed to have two people on a ladder first off if the the ladder would have never fell and the guy at the top slipped and fell he would have knocked the guy at the bottom completely off the ladder they both would have fell down but also there's a weight limit and obviously they exceeded the weight limit or this ladder wasn't screwed in very well or hybrid was secured to the building they look like they hurt all right oh my gosh his wife's coming out and girlfriend to check on him he jumps right back up man that dude is tough that dude's tough i'm good i'm good look at this i you know the only thing i see right here i just seen the ladder shift he's definitely he has the ladder too far it appears for so the basic rule is for every foot you're off the wall for every four foot you go up your ladder should be a foot off and it appears i can't see exactly where the roof overhang is so he may have it but it looked like in him sitting that ladder on those leaves it slipped a little bit so he should have cleaned his base off and like i said i can't see what he's doing up there if he's got three points of contact at all times or he's carrying tools or whatever but that look that could have been bad all right we got a guy blowing leaves first thing i see pause it look at this right here look how far his ladder is away you could already tell you shouldn't be climbing up on on such an angle like that it's like i said it should be you should be going up mostly and look at how he he's got his ladder sitting in all these leaves he's just asking for it to slip and he's not this is another thing tie that tool off with a rope so you can pull it up when you get up there where you're going to and use see every time he takes that hand off he's got that blower on one hand he's only got his feet supporting him every time so he's only got two points of contact oh my gosh he's hurt put him back up and let's see let's see it in slow motion oh my gosh he hit his head on the deck look like he's knocked out i am pause this here now this is what i was telling you it says minimum three foot extended above roof line if you put your ladder they want it like if you put your ladder against your roof it should be extended at least three foot above set up the four to one angle from every four foot up the ladder should be one foot off the base of the wall and here's a bunch of other ladder safety techniques you can read through i'm not going to read them all out all right first thing i see wrong here this is the the top of the ladder he's on the very next step on that ladder the top two the top step and the one right under there you shouldn't be on you should the highest you should stand on an a-frame ladder is a third step from the top four third rung and he lost his balance up there you too high all right look at this top step no climbing that's where he was standing at on the top step right there and his um he lost his balance and bit the dust got a like a husband and wife look look at how far that ladder is from the base that the ladder is way too far off so it's going to naturally want to slide the bottom is going to slide out as soon as you get some weight at the top of it oh that looked like it hurt thank you all for watching if y'all got any questions or comments please put them in the description at the bottom please share this video so we can get it out and people can watch it show your children show your friends let be let everyone be aware of not using a ladder say safely or correctly what could happen thank you all and have a great day

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