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The Perfect Workbench for Small Garages and Tiny Homes!

good day folks Uncle neck is here remember this I built this wallmounted workbench a few months ago and I got to say I absolutely love it design wise it's simple effective it looks great it does what it says on the tin and is an incredible space saer for those of us with limited space in regard to the width of your Workshop now this particular workbench needs to be this long to cater for the legs when unfolded to be at a comfortable working height which can throw a spanner in the works if you're limited as to how long your workbench can be which is why in today's video I'm going to show you how to build your very own wallmounted folding workbench that can be customized to any length you like is cheap to make and can be easily built with within a day let's do this the first thing I need to do is remove all the wall fixings from the previous wall mounted bench to give us a clean slate to be able to Mark the height of the new ledger board that is going to support the new fold down [Music] workbench and with that all sorted it's time to pull out the jigs required to cut a straight line and the trusty old circular sword that I need to cut out the shape for the top of the workbench which is a Shameless segue regarding the sponsor of today's video [Music] [Applause] me righto time for a quick quiz hands up if you have a little bit of fear and intrepidation when it comes time to using the trusty old circular sore I don't blame you it's noisy it has a blade that spins very quickly and it has these very sharp teeth that can do a lot of damage to you and the piece that you're working on in the blink of an eye which is why I created the much needed and requested circular sore for beginners masterclass by taking the masterclass you will come away with a new found confidence when it comes to everything circular s related from learning all the basics of the individual circular s features right up to being able to safely and effectively use the saw with the confidence of a seasoned Pro okay so what's included with the masterclass well you get seven information packed teaching modules including 11 instructional videos you get two bonus project plans that are perfect for the workshop valued at 15 bucks that's a bargain right there you get access to the exclusive membersonly Facebook group and you'll have access to 10% of all of my Etsy woodworking plans oh yeah I almost forgot you'll also get your hands dirty with a project to build using your circular saw and look if I had a set of State knives I'd throw them in as well so let's get you started conquer your fear and learn how to use the circular Source safely and more efficiently by clicking on the link in the description box down below you'll be glad you did and make sure you use coupon code cir S2 at checkout for a further 20% off and already incredibly low price it's virtually free and an absolute no-brainer look forward to seeing you over in the masterclass now with the bench top sorted we just need to cut four strips that are going to create the apron around the bench and I'll make them 75 mm wide so that we can use a clamp on the bench when needed the strips also beef up the edge of the benchtop and I think it looks better as well and just because it's the workshop or the garage doesn't mean that it has to look shabby oh my god I've just had a really great idea for all of you guys out there in tiny Homeland this could be an ideal solution to your dining table dilers and if you were a bit creative and like myself you could turn the underside of that table into an artwork of some sort which looks really cool when folded up and stored away you're welcome welcome now with that apron strip neatly screwed down it's time to cut and attach some framework that goes underneath the bench top now personally I'm not a fan of exposed ingrain so cut 45 de angles on the ends of the frames for a KN to finish and to attach the frame to the bench top I'm using good old pocket holes that way you don't need to screw down through the top of the workbench and into the frame now as well as those pocket screws screws don't forget to add some glue to the corner along with some screws for an ultra strong joint you don't want this bench to fall apart next on the agenda is we need to cut the timber for the legs which will be glued and screwed together now when screwing the legs I like to drive the screws in on the inside of that leg that way you won't see the screws when the legs are un folded and I think that just looks a little bit neater and then once everything is screwed together then you can cut those legs to [Music] length hey since we've been talking about garages how's this a few weeks ago a good mate of mine hires this blonde painter to paint his porch anyway he tells her that the paint the brushes and the ladder well they're all in the garage so off she goes and anyway about 30 minutes later knock on the door and there's the blonde painter and she says I'm done finished and my mate says that was quick did you have enough paint and she says yep enough for two coats actually and my mate goes bit surprised about that anyway he pays her and he thanks her and as the blonde is walking away she turns back and she says by the way it's a Ferrari not a porch lordy lordy lordy and by the way nothing against blondes I love blondes now because our workbench has legs that fold up as well as down just like that we need to cut an arc on the end of the leg to enable that to happen and to cut that Arc just make a series of cuts with either your MIT saw or circular saw which you should be able to get pretty close then just pull out your trusty old sander and finish it off now look I know it looks a bit tricky but you'll be surprised at just how easy it is for the leag to be able to Pivot on an axis drill a hole for the pivot bolt and make sure when drilling the hole through the leg that you attack it from both sides to prevent any excessive splintering as the drill exits the hole then just simply clamp the legging Place Drive in the bolt courtesy of a few love Taps from your hammer and then firmly tighten the leg to the frame with a nut and washer too easy now to stop the legs from overextending when unfolded you just need to add a top leg brace which will act as a break just square up those beautiful legs with a builder square and screw on the leg Brak nothing complicated here folks just how I like it now using my awesome little magnetic stud finder which I'll leave a link to down below by the way I've located the wall studs that we are going to attach the bottom ledger board to which is super important as this ledger board will be supporting the weight of the bench and the same method is then applied to the top lock down board now with the workbench safely on top of that ledger board to attach the bench to the wall all you need to do is screw a continuous hinge also known as a piano hinge to the underside of the bench and the top of the ledger board too easy lemo

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