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The Secret To Beating Food Shortages And Hyperinflation

[Music] we had to do today guys we're going to be talking about emergencies food specifically the lack thereof and what you can do to make sure you've got plenty of them i want to hit on some long-term food solutions but also you know and those are for emergencies but also for you know in case you're trying to stay ahead of this record-breaking inflation because if you haven't noticed the world's gone kind of crazy over the last couple of years and especially right now so we've learned over the last couple of years that a kink in the supply chain can mean empty shelves in the grocery stores and it can happen really fast if you are completely reliant on the system working you can run into problems really quick it's just one of those things that most people don't think about until it's too late kim and i started to realize we wanted to be more prepared luckily before everything started going downhill now most experts say and let me just say i'm not an expert but most experts say that you should have a three month supply this dog a three-month supply of food and water at all times now the easiest way to do that is to just start buying a little more than you need every time you go to the grocery store you know a lot of people like well how can i buy a three month you know supply of food right off the bat and that's not what you have to do just every time you go to the grocery store buy a little bit more than you normally would buy and that way you don't have to put a lot of money out at one time you should focus on foods that store well and last a long time dry foods canned goods pasta stuff like that you can also buy bottled water or you can buy containers and fill them yourself make sure you rotate your supplies though you know so you make sure your emergency ply doesn't go out of date you don't want to just put all your food in and always pull from the front [Music] now one thing that we started doing a few years ago was buying bulk beef from a local grass-fed cow farm we do this for a few reasons number one grass-fed beef is far better for you to eat it's healthier and it's safer from e coli i got food poisoning from a restaurant about 20 years ago it was quite miserable i was sick for about three weeks and i mean literally it's the sickest i've ever been so ever since then whenever i eat something and it tastes just even slightly funny i don't finish it the second reason why we buy this beef is because it tastes better there are a few things that taste better than a grass-fed burger on the grill okay i'm just telling you it's amazing thirdly we get to support a small family-owned business and that's pretty awesome and you know it's local so you know why not fourthly we stay ahead of rising prices at the grocery store so i know everybody can't buy 200 pounds of hamburger meat or beef at one time so what i do is i keep an eye out for when they have a sale and that's when i strike we have a pretty big family so we have to buy a bunch of beef anyway but by doing it this way i only have to buy beef once a year i highly suggest you buy grass-fed beef for your health and taste buds but it does cost more or it can cost more and that's why i wait until it goes on sale so i pay pretty much the same as corn fed beef now you could always buy extra meat at the grocery store when it goes on sale too but good luck with that because i rarely see beef on sale at our local grocery store anymore one interesting thing is that while the food prices have gone crazy uh at the grocery store over the last year but the local cattle carrito negregur the local cattle farmer uh their prices are basically the same price they were two years ago between beef there's some good old deer meat we're set for almost a year some people don't like deer meat but if you cook it in stuff like spaghetti it pretty much tastes like beef if you don't already i suggest you learn how to hunt or learn how to make friends with people who hunt or fish that's another great way to have food now having a bunch of meat in the freezer is great but it does have one huge vulnerability more on that later one really good idea is if you're going to have a bunch of your meat stored in a freezer is this a little alarm system that i ordered off amazon i don't know what this thing was 10 or 20 bucks every once in a while the girls would get a popsicle out of here and not shove the freezer door shut all the way so this thing this alarms whenever it's been open for like more than five or ten minutes definitely a worthwhile purchase let's talk about chickens chickens are awesome the chickens can be dangerous yep it's true once you've had a few it's easy to contract chicken fever the main symptom of course of chicken fever is the constant need to buy more chickens chickens are super easy to take care of and if you think you don't have enough space for a chicken you might be wrong you might be surprised in fact to find that a lot of people have backyard chickens all over the place check your local laws if you're thinking about that or don't we have six chickens one of which unfortunately is a rooster and he's a pain that means we get five eggs almost every day that adds up fast in fact it adds up so fast we have to figure out what we're gonna do with all the eggs more on that later now we're gonna get more chickens eventually but right now we have a black market connection to our chicken needs and that is because my sister has gone full-on crazy chicken lady in fact last time i checked she has about 50 chickens we let our chickens free range and that means we have to buy even less feed for them now you don't need acres to let them free range i see a lot of people that just kind of let them wander around in their backyard okay we also use wood chips for bedding and that means we have zero chicken smell it never smells like chickens out here now you could of course eat your chickens but why would you do that when they make food for you every day i mean i wouldn't harvest a cow bro i mean i wouldn't harvest a cow if it laid a cow patty every day start a garden you don't have to have a big garden just start with what you can you can start a small garden in your backyard or maybe a raised bed to make it a little easier if you live in an apartment you can start an herb garden in your window if you do have more room you might want to try growing foods that store for a long time these sand nuts are insane like different types of squash can last months or maybe even a year if stored properly after harvesting uh you think about how many meals you could make with pumpkin or butternut squash i guess eventually you could get sick of it but it just makes a perfect type of vegetable to store for a long time butternut squash is like super expensive at the store i just laid a net so why not grow a ton of it and store it when you know it just costs like pennies per squash to grow from seed some vegetables you can leave in the ground a little bit longer a

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