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The Secret To Making Perfect Woodworking Gifts

i had several different pieces of reclaimed lumber that i've had some of these i've had for a while and some of them from like recent projects and i thought a fun project to do right now would be for me and the girls to make some last minute christmas gifts using these for family and kind of the funny part about this is those family members two of the three anyway are going to find out they're surprised while they're watching this video like a little v from that point yeah yep right there and then go this way see [Music] there's a story that my mom has always told me about the time her dad who i called papa came running in the house excited to tell everyone how he had just taught me how to hammer a nail in a piece of wood i was two years old at the time and he was as proud as could be it's just how you sharpen your pencils that's how you sharpen them in school take out your pocket knife and sharpen them [Music] mommy not teaching you the right way to sharpen a pencil [Music] i would spend the day with nana and papa while my mom and dad were at work papa had a workshop out back of the house and i remember going out to the workshop and spending time with him there often [Music] okay here we go [Music] he had a long workbench that went along one wall and each tool was hanging in its designated spot on that wall i would sit on a stool and i'd watch him while he tinkered on the counter on something and you know i'm sure i asked tons of questions like all kids do then at some point i'd get upset that i didn't get my way about something and i would run out the door to the back steps of the house and i'd sit there and i'd pout and i'd pout and after a few minutes papa would come out and he'd sit next to me on the step we'd have a little talk and i'd happily return to the shop for more tinkering i remember him doing things like making me toys for me to play with outside i specifically remember some stilts that were made by tying fishing line to the empty spools that they used to wrap around [Music] one of the funniest memories i have though has nothing to do with the shop though papa always chewed red man chewing tobacco one time while we were sitting out front i begged him to let me have a taste while we were sitting on the bench in the front yard he was quite amused as i gagged and spit it out if he thought it would keep me from ever wanting it again he was right i never tried any tobacco again [Music] all right pretty good that looks pretty good i know well that's because that's a different shaped piece of wood right there he passed away when i was five so i can't remember all the moments i spent with him the memories i do remember though i really hold on to because they helped make me who i am today this christmas gift is forward we're not be seen to the back of the photo who is that river and who's that and so who is this for kelly yeah because that's kelly's new grand baby her new granddaughter river so this is her christmas present so we'll take that to the back of there squeeze [Music] guys i want to take a minute here real quick to show you something super useful this is my new decked drawer system now i've had this for a couple months now and it is pretty awesome it's like having a giant tool box that still lets me use the whole truck bed i can keep all my stuff nice and organized and each bed length drawer can carry up to 200 pounds now i don't have to clutter the truck cab with tools dog equipment or fishing or hunting gear if your tailgate's locked then no now do wells can open the drawers either the drawers even have locks for added security but you know what i really love a deck is made 100 in the us a freaking a baby and it has a lifetime warranty and awesome customer service team now as someone who you know admittedly hates reading instructions i gotta say decks manual is pretty funny let's just say they know their customers well now i should have cleaned it off better before showing it to you but to be honest with you i've been abusing it pretty regularly uh with concrete and lumber you know reclaimed beams and whatnot oh and did i mention that the deck drawer system is weatherproof so your gear is safe from rain ice and snow so protect your stuff like i do get your decks drawer system at hacksman and get free shipping thanks dect for sponsoring this video your frame that we are going to be we're going to be surprising mom with your frame okay i think she would like this wood right here do you know what this wood is from the old swing set your old swing set i think i think your mom will like this um kim will you will you like this [Music] no surprise on this one your surprise was the mantle so i needed a cameraman this week so to what camerawoman this week okay camera person growing up my mom and dad were always working on some project around the house or the yard they did pretty much everything themselves including building the shop in our backyard i was always involved in everything i learned how to build and move walls how to paint those walls remodel and tile a kitchen build furniture like carpet and one time i even learned how to watch where i stepped while re-roofing a house my dad's friend caught me by the shirt just before i could go sailing off the edge to my mom's horror after tripping on a bag of shingles i learned how to replace the transmission in the driveway three and a half and sand orange peel out of a paint job you are okay good [Music] i wonder i wonder if mom would care if that line was going across right there would that just add to the character or would she rather me like come right here yeah okay we'll come right here and just have a feeling about that over the years the wood shop became a silversmithing shop where i watched my dad make custom jewelry and then later we remodeled the entire shop into an art studio my dad has always been an artist and he taught me how to draw and paint as well whenever i was little when i was 15 disney world invited us as guests for two weeks while dad was a featured artist in the different shops at christmas that's one of my favorite childhood christmas memories uh because while he was at the shop mom and i we could just hop around from different parks to park it was really fun okay [Music] [Music] [Music] no this is what i have to deal with pictures going in here this one [Music] look at those lovely babies look at those lovely babies there that one's the best hold it up [Music] you broke it what happened yeah i always saw mom and dad working as a team and working beside them as a kid taught me to love working with my hands i learned how rewarding it can be to do something the right way that's how they were raised and that's the only way they did it you and i are going to use this chunk of heart pine that i already made a table out of this for nanny and we're going to make frames for annie and papa and we're going to cut three pieces off here and i've actually already taken the liberty of cu

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