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The SECRET to Mixing Concrete by Hand Revealed!

g'day folks Uncle knackers here from DIY for Knuckleheads now look I get it mixing a bag of pre-mixed concrete without an actual concrete mixer can be a little tricky when trying to get that mix just right but you don't need to worry about that anymore because I have a little secret on how to mix everything perfectly together using the right technique which I'm going to be sharing with you very very shortly so make sure you stick around for that okay first things first you're going to need a wheelbarrow a shovel a hoe garden hoe a measuring container bucket and safety gear consisting of gloves and a good quality dust mask okay let's do this once you've managed to Wrangle in any stray rabbits that may be running around open a bag of concrete mix with the end of your shovel or a utility knife and empty those contents of the bag into the front half of the burrow thank you [Music] now I'm going to stop the video right here for an important safety message now you may have noticed that there was a lot of dust coming off that concrete mix as it was being emptied into the wheelbarrow now that's not good because concrete contains silica which can cause silicosis which is a deadly and painful lung disease which is why I always wear my favorite dust mask that is worn by DIY enthusiasts all over the world it's the M2 5 mesh mask from RZ Industries it's stylish comfortable does what it says on the tin and they're fitted correctly it won't fog up your glasses and the single strap M2 mesh mask is also a very popular choice so do yourself and your lungs a favor and mask up okay now that I've scared you half to death with stories of serious lung disease let's get to mixing up this concrete starting off with secret number one which is read the instructions on the back of the packet it's as simple as that and not many people do it follow the instructions and you'll finish up with the perfect mixture not too wet and not too dry okay moving on empty three quarters of the recommended water into the back half of the Barrow and then secret number two is to just simply grab your hoe not your shovel and then in small increments drag the concrete mixture into the water it looks kind of like a glacier slowly falling into the ocean and then just mix it up it takes very little effort and is very effective [Music] levels what are you doing get away come on now if you find this video useful please consider subscribing once about three quarters of the concrete has been thoroughly mixed add the last of the water and mix until you can no longer see any of that dry mixture and make sure you get right down to the bottom of the barrel to scrape up any dry bits that you may have missed and check that out that is a beautiful mix all right [Applause] let's go find a hole and dump it now just very quickly before I go and since we're talking about concrete how's this on the news last night there's a story about how two convicts had escaped after their prisoner van collided with a concrete truck apparently the police are on the lookout for a couple of hardened criminals and that's the best of God thanks for watching folks and while you're here you might want to check out one or two of the other videos that I've got up on the screen just over there alrighty till next time be good be safe and I'm out of here cheers

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