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The Secrets Fence Installers Don’t Want You To Know

hey guys today i'm going to show you how the pros install a no-dig kentucky four-board fence crazy fast like a thousand feet in a day fast that is crazy luckily for them we're just putting in about 260 feet today he's back hi guys mark from swi is here i brought a friend and this is ryan north carolina carolina let the sarcasm begin no we got in trouble for that last oh no that's what makes it fun though keep it keep it very professional was he making fun of me over there or was it was he self was he self deprecating did you just deprecate in my yard dude no funny business we're just gonna get it done [Music] switching it doesn't work yes it does work all you need is a piece of conductive wire if you're holding your hand real loose just barely no friction on it just enough friction to hold it and just a little bit of a droop not a whole lot at least this is what's worked for me so as you walk along just go slow as you walk along and you hit something all right that's great it'll turn sideways that's crazy so it'll do do that again it'll do water power vacant i mean it'll do anything anything that the ground is disturbed on as you walk along that's crazy sideways i've always used two though two's conflicting no they go this way that way i know but if you get into if you got the wrong witch if you're taught by the wrong witch then they'll how do you know which is which though see the witch taught me was only had one arm fascinating the way you're rolling that string up did you used to do like any of that fancy what's that aerobic perfect advantage interpretive dance yeah that's when the way you were flicking that string i was like wow interpretive string dancing before you do any digging or this is a no-dig project but ironically i'm holding a shovel make sure you call 8-1-1 find out where your utilities are i called them out here and it appears i have dug i have just did a little research on my own out here and like here's where our sewage is supposed to go right here this is where they marked it but i found it to come all the way out here so they're about six feet off at least at this point they're six feet off you want to call eight one one so that you can get the four one one so you don't have to call 9-1-1 dude you pull it off your head trademark i don't know how it is out here but i think it's pretty standard industry-wide you have to be 24 inches off each side of the line but here's the line i have to stay 24 inches over here and 24 inches over here anything in that four foot zone needs to be hand dug her hand excavated preferably even hydro backed because what the guy told me that came out and i i don't want to name the company he was with but we had three different companies come out and mark and then one guy said as long as we were one foot away from where they marked if we hit something they're liable for it i don't know wyoming they're tallest two feet they're in georgia dude [Music] all right so these are tapered posts these are not perfect posts i like to use a tapered natural post because this is how that tree grew all we did at the meal is stripped the bark off of it and then shove it through a treatment plant and get the treatment into it so these are not run through a dowling machine or any kind of tapering machine anything so the benefits to that there's a lot of benefits to it benefits that is this product will not work trees don't warp once they're grown so anytime we cut the surface off then we're exposing the grains and we're losing a lot of integral integrity of the of the post so when you lay out a post we're looking for a straight edge and there will be a straight edge on most posts you have to have a pretty wonky post to not find a straight edge that was pretty wonky we're looking for a post that has good tight grains we're looking for a post that has an even turn anytime you cut a grain out you're pretty much losing the strength of that of that ring so if you look at the end of a two before they could make a four before they could make a four before out of this but you're still paying for this whole problem [Music] and then when they cut those grains the innermost complete circle is as strong a product as you have so that's why i like a non-perfect post that'll also be really handy for all your cows yeah exactly we're on our way to indiana there's an amazon truck off in the weeds like way off the bench oh wait hey you know what that guy even has a cd that guy got a cd [Applause] the great thing about this cable is i can use this cable to split my distance right so this tells me all along the fence line exactly where that post is going to line up what is this monster called pro-tec evo [Music] i couldn't help but notice a uh uk flag on there is this is this made in jolly old england yeah yeah but it is uh they're made in uh they are made in england they're um this is the rolls royce of post drivers yeah so if you want a post driver that is that is made for it's made for what we do everyday production use you know your couch fencers aren't going to need this but it's uh they're all custom built they're built to how we want them built as contractors and each individual contractor will build them differently um we actually sell these yeah who sells these so if somebody can go to swi and they're the biggest claim to fame on these machines is they're set up for one man post driving operation with a typical post with a typical post driver you have to have somebody in the machine and somebody outside the machine with this one it can all be done by the operator the operator can control everything from outside and it turns i mean so you're saving that entire person yeah [Music] everybody's good so this is a uh this is what we use for stretching wire like barbed wire smooth wire rather than using a come along or the world famous goldenrod use these boundary strainers chain walkers what else you call them whiz poppers i don't know about that now can somebody buy these from you yeah absolutely i had a feeling they might find this on we're all about having the right tools for the job i got my eyes folks i got my eyes when you're driving post fence posts are kind of like family each individual one might not be perfect but if you put them all together we can all live with that so we'll drive all the posts and then we'll come back and kind of you know whip some kids and get them back in line mark i got you some uh hearing hearing protection if i don't point it out somebody in the comments is gonna point you you led me on you said it was no dig and i saw that guy with a shovel i know turtle fabrication yeah click bait click bait that sounded not good break our shovel i was exercising it sometimes when you push things to their limits they grow stronger and sometimes they crack and break what that is that poo pipe that's not a food pipe is that a wrapped oh that looks like a yes that is a locate marker yes that's exactly what's down there yep

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