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They’re Killing Our Chickens!

our food supply is being attacked and I have it on video Welcome Back hack Maniacs I've expounded on the virtues and benefits of keeping chickens and specifically freerange chickens many times they provide food for us and they're just fun to keep in watch but as it turns out something else has been watching too so we knew the risk when keeping free range chickens and we're willing to accept them but the events that transpired on January 6th changed everything and no I'm not talking about Grandma's taking selfies we first started keeping chickens almost 2 years ago and we built our chicken c/ trctor and soon thereafter Kim realized that U she wanted more chickens and the chickens needed to have more freedom so we kept him in the Coupe for a few months so they would know where to return each night and then we'd let them out to free range and it has worked splendidly for the most part it cost almost nothing to feed them and the eggs are richer because of the variety of food that they find and eat on the property then about 6 months ago we were eating lunch and Madison saw a hwk in the bushes near the coup so Kim ran out but it was too late the Hulk was on the ground with one of our bantam chickens the hwk flew away and Kim buried the chicken now since then the chickens seem to understand the threat from Hawks and when one was nearby they would go crazy squawking they also generally didn't linger in the Open Spaces unless we were outside they stayed mostly undercover and ran from cover to cover when they moved across the yard when we'd hear them clucking we'd run outside and actually our presence seemed enough to keep the Hawks at Bay like after about 10 minutes the Hawks would give up and they just leave to go find something easier to eat because if we're around they kind of see us as a threat but things were starting to change uh we were constantly running outside to scare the Hawks away and the Hawks were realizing that this was like shooting fish in a barrel they didn't see a chicken coop they saw a chicken vending machine if only we had some roosters to protect them oh we have two pickles unfortunately is a lover not a fighter now Satan here he can be a real pit bull and by that I mean he mostly attacks women and children we don't call him Satan for nothing and yes we have two dogs that could scare the Hawks off but if we leave them outside they're also going to scare the UPS man off and I want to get my packages so that brings us to one day in late December when I was inside working when the chickens started going crazy I went outside to check and at first I thought it was pickles but it was a red tailed Hulk on one of the bantam chickens I thought it was too late uh because the the little bantom chicken wasn't moving but when I tried to pick her up she ran straight into the bushes the hwk flew off and was never seen again as far as I know fun fact Hawks generally kill their prey by crushing it with their large talons so 10 seconds longer and she'd have been a goner Falcons on the other hand just start eating their prey immediately when they catch it so if it had been a falcon yeah she'd have been gone it was time for something drastic I saw a method for deterring Hawks on the internet so it has to be true quick visit to Amazon in 2 days no three wait four okay 10 days later it's here oh [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] h I was never able to find out if the big dancing man could truly save our chickens though because people kept stopping by the house trying to buy our cars and honestly he had a long cord and he wasn't waterproof so he had to go and this brings us to January 6th listen Kim made me promise I wouldn't show this video because she looks and sounds crazy in it okay so anyway here's hoping that she doesn't see it Kim just happens to be going outside when she spots the hawk and right here she turns on her ninja [Music] [Music] speed she thinks it's gone but right here she spots it again and she uses her angry hwk voice to scare it away you can see it fly up into the treats right [Music] here they're back this Hulk he's not like the others he is Relentless we called the girls to help round up the chickens and they came running out as fast as they possibly [Music] could [Music] now chickens are smart enough to take cover in the bushes but not smart enough to uh go back in their CPE it's like hurting cats so we gave up but I saw him he flew back there and then swooped Down's he's somewhere in that area we actually spent most of the morning trying to spot the hawk and just being present thinking he would give up like every Hulk before him we have never had a Hulk be so determined before we kept finding him in different spots and watching him fly over us it became abundantly clear he was hungry of course of all days we had an appointment we had to keep so Kim and I left while Cameron kept an eye on the chickens we just had to hope for the best you can see in the security cam footage that Cameron kept checking while we were gone and she could tell something was going on but she couldn't find anything when we pulled in the driveway the hawk was in the bushes right beside us this is like unbelievable and in one last Act of defiance he squirts a massive dump and flies off not a good [Music] [Applause] sign is that all of them I hope so I can go on there account it wasn't all of them we're one short I've said it before but I'll say it again don't name your chickens after about 30 minutes of searching I find what's left of chip chip in the edge of the woods in front of the cars freaking hwk now I feel like The Godfather seeing Sunny after he was butchered by the barzini family look how they mess good I'd love to take this Hulk to the train station but I can't they're protected under the federal migratory bird treaty Act of 1918 so these Hawks are essentially Untouchable and honestly they're beautiful creatures just trying to live their best life so I wouldn't want to hurt them anyway you know what I'm saying with sunset the chickens finally returned to the coupe we couldn't let them out until we come up with a plan so we come up with a temporary way of giving them some more space for a few days with an extra pen the problem is with all this junk on here I can't I don't have any way to put zip ties on here without taking this off I don't want to do this way but can't we just staple it for now and put no Staples in the face of this thing did you turn one of our nice dog food bowls yes into a chicken bowl yes I need it for some reason and I feel like they're just as important if not more so no now I have a plan literally it's a plan I have no choice but to build a run for the chickens made a quick little trip to the depot yesterday stacked my wood up real nice then it rained last night hopefully my wood ain't R I decided to build a 12x 6×8 run using 2x4s and 2x 12s that can attach to our existing Coupe SL trctor I wanted to make as few Cuts as possible on the wood and

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