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Things you may not know about a tape measure

[Music] hey thanks for watching today today I'm going to go over some things you may not know about this tape measure here a couple tricks and a couple cool features on it let's get started have you ever wondered why the end of a tape measure this little piece right here the hook moves back and forth let me explain this to you there's 16 sixteenth and one-inch the first inch on the tape measure as the tape starts is only 15 16 its 1/16 short because the thickness of this metal piece right here is the sixteenth of an inch so it gives 1/16 so if you're measuring an inside corner and you push the tape measure against it it accounts for the sixteenth of an inch here and it makes one inch to this mark if you hook the tape on it on something to measure an outside it pulls out a sixteenth of an inch to compensate and it makes one inch and that's the reason you have plea and the end of the tape all right I'm gonna show you how to cut drywall with just a knife and a tee measure so let's say I want a three inch piece set my tape measure to three inches lock it down put it on the edge take my knife and we're gonna put it on the inside right here because remember I told you this hook was a sixteenth of an inch if it's opened I'm gonna be cutting the sixteenth bigger so knife on the end hold it just like this hole you blade in the end right here and you can just scribe it all the way down just follow the edge of the drywall and cut it with your knife right and that's it can cut through this knife is pretty dull though I would have a razor knife if I was doing this and for real just a demonstration all right so let's say we take the measurement and we get 55 inches and I'm trying to figure out what is 55 divided by 2 I don't know let's say I don't know off hands take your teeth and you bend it around you line up the bottom to 55 hold that there and then look right down the center of the tape and you can see it's 27 and a half inches right in the center that's just a quick and easy way to divide a number by 2 on your tape measure have you ever wondered with this little notch on the end of your tape measures 4 but you can hook a nail right here if you measuring by yourself and you can pull a measurement let me show you how that works all right so I made a mark and I played the outside of the nail right on the edge of the line I can take my hook on my tape measure and it hooks right here fits perfectly onto the end of a nail and I can just pull a measurement and if you see I'm right on my mark hooked on to the nail and then I can measure by myself what I need to you know let me teach you how to draw a circle put a tape measure wherever you want to put your circle put your nail here take this clip just like we just made a measurement and you'll hook it right here and half of the diameter so I got it set to 3 inches so 6 inches would be the diameter put your pencil in place hold it right against your tape here and you just move around like this one circle with your pencil in place all right I'm gonna show you how to scribe out a measurement real quick on a board if you're on the jobsite and you're trying to get a measurement real quick use the bottom of your tape right here let's say someone calls out a 10-inch measurement well I can put 10 right here with my finger right on the edge of the board and then describe with the end of my tape right here marking and cutting any measurement you go 15 inches scribe and you got you you got your mark right here all right this last thing is just a pretty cool little trick so we in the year 2018 and I'm gonna show you how to find how old you are so so my tell you the year they were born in you could figure it out on the state measure so 2018 so we're gonna go to 118 inches right here I'm gonna put the end of the tape even with it now I was born in 1980 so let's go up to 80 and then go over here and 38 is how old I am this year so it's gonna be a birthday year right here so 1980 I was born in and I'm 38 years old thanks for watching I hope you learned some cool tricks and production techniques for a tape measure that you may not have known please like turn on notifications share this video to others and have a great day

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