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This DIY Pizza Oven Is Cheap, Easy And Works Amazing!

welcome back guys last year i built this smokeless fire pit then a couple weeks ago i built this brick pizza oven based on a bunch of videos that i'd seen of people doing this because i wanted to see did it work well needless to say they both worked amazingly well and that got me thinking about my wedge specifically the maurage of the fire pit and the pizza oven in order to create a more perfect union i'm going to start out with this 55-gallon drum that kim picked up for me and then i'm going to throw in some well let's just say some consumables because i want to get a raging fire going in this thing for a couple reasons number one i want to burn off anything that's on the inside of it and i want to go ahead and burn the paint off of the outside of it now that everything's cooled off i can dump the ashes and get to work you should always save your ashes because if you got a garden they're great for your garden that is not my garden it's just my crappy backyard the first thing that i have to kind of figure out here is how tall i want this thing to be my original plan was to cut the barrel off right here basically you know the barrel is kind of divided into three sections here cut this bottom section off and then it would be you know this tall which would make it come up out of the fire pit to right here which i felt would be the perfect height to put the pizza in but accessing the fire below would not be very easy so i think my first plan of action is to leave it at this height and i'm going to cut an opening that allows easy access to the fire and then the pizza will go in up here the paver pizza oven has an opening of approximately 15 and a quarter inches so i'm going to stick to that give or take on the 55 gallon drum pizza oven when i drilled the holes in the smokeless fire pit everybody was like oh what what tool did you use and what hole saw did you use so i'm just using the milwaukee 12 volt i'm going to use in my milwaukee hole dozer hole saws [Music] why why do i do this to myself small miracle i actually did find it but i'm pretty sure very close look just a little bit worn out there just a little bit let's instead go with the two and an eighth [Music] yes so as i was saying i'll be using this milwaukee step bit to get a straight line i'm just going to run this tape from the top of the hole on this side it's the top of the hole on this side i'm going to leave this at the bottom of the barrel to give it extra strength so i want this opening to come to like right here a lot of mercy the barrel's hot right up here [Music] i have no idea if this is going to work or not but i'm going to try just using this little milwaukee cut off tool because it would be fair simple if it does [Music] [Music] that worked better than i thought well folks a lesson has been learned i have a nd filter on the front of my lens here so that i can shoot out in the bright sun and as i just went to shoot this next shot i was like oh i got dust all over it i don't know if you can see that but all those sparks flew up on the lens on the nd filter and run it i run to my nd filter it ain't no good fire's gonna be here i want the pizza to go in up here i'm going to measure around using my soft tape measure find the center and mark this out and i'm just going to cut this out just the same [Music] not bad i did mess up in one spot though so the whole deal is i wanted this golfing tape with this nice round corner and i don't know if you can see it or not right there whenever i was cutting it i just came down past my corner there that angers me beep now that i've gotten the edges all filed down it's time to do everybody's favorite part and that is cement okay relax you can handle this we need a base for the pizza to be able to sit on above the fire that heats up now i've already proven with the smokeless fire pit that you can just pour concrete and it will hold up pretty well i've had zero issues with mine and i'll leave you know even whenever i was getting this barrel ready i've got the fire right there against the concrete and there are no issues i have no cracks the main thing is how you pour it and then i proved with the paver pizza oven that putting the pizza on the paver right above the flames also had no issues but i can understand how over time both of those could have problems and so just for the sake of wanting this to last forever i went ahead and got some refractory cement now if you want to see what the difference between all that is you can actually go back and you can watch the pizza oven video where i did it using the pavers and kind of explained i'm not going to go into the weeds with that right now you decide what's best for you if you want to use regular concrete knock yourself out or even if you want to take a paver and cut it out to fit you can do that just below the opening right here is where the cement paver i guess you call it that i'm going to pour is going to sit so i need to know what the diameter is so i need to know what the diameter is of the inside of the barrel and i don't need to be exact actually 22 will go let's say 21 and three-quarter half of 21 and three quarter is ten and seven eighths i want to cut this circle out of this corner and go ten seven eighths there ten and seven eighths there you could of course cut this out with a jig on a router and that would be very simple and fast i don't feel like setting all that up i'm just going to use my jigsaw [Applause] with a different blade on it [Music] i like to keep some of this foam around just because of just such an occasion actually i've used this foam a lot to make molds in fact i used it to make the molds for the smokeless fire pit caps so what i'm going to do is i'm going to put this top on here that i cut or actually the mold base i should say i'm going to cut that out so that i have a waterproof base because obviously maybe not obviously but this is mdf so when i set this on top of the mdf we get a thickness of one can you see that one and three eighths i want my thickness on top of this to be an inch and a half easy way to figure out what you need that at let's just set that up inch and a half above there what's it come up to 2 and 7 8 is how tall i need my sides to be i'm just going to cut some kerfs i guess you'd call it in the back of this to help it bend easier oh yeah that really helped that bend easier see how much easier that bends now there's all different types of ways you could do this carpet tape okay that's what i'm gonna hold this down onto the mdf with i cut this strip of carpet tape in half i'm just gonna run it down the edge just like that all the way around now for added strength all i'm going to do is if you have some duct tape perfect i have a bunch of duct tape somewhere but i have three little girls who like to use daddy's duct tape so what i have here is gaffers tape and it's stuff you use like when you're filming to hold stuff in places and it's flat black but anyway it'll hold thi

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