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This Man Has A 30 Year Supply Of Food! It’s Dirt Cheap And Easy!

[Applause] [Music] thank you wrecked economy recession food shortages got you down well you're in luck well not really welcome back ax Maniacs today I want to talk to you about what I believe is one of the ultimate survival foods to help you get through tough times for a couple years ago before everything went crazy and you could just go to the grocery store hey I'm trying to film here and you could get anything you wanted because it was actually on the Shelf once Kim and I saw what was going on with the food supply chain we made the necessary changes to make sure that we had a large cache of emergency food it's a home set or backyard survival food and existential part of a prepper pantry and it's a superfood it does however require some pre-planning Behold The Incredible Edible chicken you thought I was going to say egg didn't you well I was but as we all know the the chicken comes before the egg I'm pretty sure more on chickens in a minute but first let's talk about these amazing semispherical nutrient-dense superfoods they're easy to store for long periods of time when done correctly I'll show you how later and they're packed with vitamins and minerals they are in fact a perfect protein meaning they contain all nine essential amino acids that allow our bodies to make full use of the protein in an egg on average an egg contains about six grams of protein and 70 calories you can't live on eggs alone but man they can get you a long ways because eggs are so protein Rich they help you feel full and satisfied get in my belly they also contain the antioxidants lutein and zeaxanthin I think I said that right as we grow older our eyesight tends to worsen and these antioxidants help prevent that did you know that the 100 pleats in a chef's hat used to represent the 100 ways to prepare an egg that means you're less likely to get tired of eating the same thing over and over again foreign store-bought eggs though they're great but they aren't the best way to use eggs in an at-home survival or crisis situation besides grocery store eggs cost at least twice as much as they did at the end of 2020. so much for eight percent inflation math on camera can be hard but I'm pretty sure that's 100 inflation you're going to want your own personal egg dispenser in fact you're going to want several but before we get into the aspects of you forging ahead with your own feathered and festoon flock of friendly food pooping foul let's talk about how to store the fruits brought forth from said foraging and fertile flock what did you say we are in fact about to put the carriage before the horse or the Egg before the chicken henceforth and for the duration of this video unless noted Oleg references shall refer to farm or backyard eggs fresh unwashed eggs can last several weeks at room temperature or several months in the refrigerator washed eggs have to be stored in the refrigerator though now I mentioned earlier that eggs could be stored for a long time and I'll get there in just a second but first what's the difference between washed and unwashed eggs well I'm glad I asked when a hen lays an egg she leaves a protective coating of protein called the bloom or cuticle on the egg that seals the porous shell this Bloom prevents bacteria from entering the egg as well as preventing moisture from escaping now I've seen people list fresh backyard eggs for sale on Facebook and actually say they've been washed that is new Bueno if you ever buy farm fresh eggs make sure you ask if they have been washed and make sure you trust the person you're asking you should leave the Bloom on as a barrier until you are ready to cook the eggs a lot of people just wipe them off but we wash and dry them off right before we use them the main concern some people have with farm fresh eggs is the fear of salmonella store-bought eggs are pasteurized and that makes them safe and free from bacteria right and wrong there have been tons of recalls on grocery store eggs for salmonella and other diseases over the years so that is clearly not a guarantee of safety bacteria finds a way cross-contamination and such if chickens are kept in a clean environment the chances of getting a bad egg are slim to none according to the American egg board the average consumer might encounter a contaminated egg once every 84 years I like those odds my favorite and truthfully the ultimate way to store eggs long-term is a freeze dryer it is an investment though so I'll show you an alternative dirt cheap way to store eggs long term in a minute pros of freeze drying eggs is they can last 30 years when sealed they are super lightweight and they're easy to store because they're so space-saving I mean there's 20 eggs in this little package right here this also makes them great for bugging out or just camping I digress though let's reconstitute and cook up these freeze-dried eggs I'm just going to make those over here while I tell you about green Chef green Chef is a ccof certified organic company they have options for every lifestyle keto and paleo vegan vegetarian fast and fit Mediterranean and gluten-free we try to be as self-reliant as possible but we also stay crazy busy making these videos so Doorstep Delivery gives us a reprieve and allows us to skip the grocery store which I hate going to tonight we are going to have some blackened chicken cutlets and grits let's check out the ingredients the pre-portioned ingredients in pre-made sauces make cooking fast and easy even for an idiot like me it's important for us that our girls eat good healthy food and these meals support a healthy lifestyle and bonus they are freaking delicious we haven't had one meal from them that didn't taste like we had a personal chef come and cook it for us because you hacks Maniacs are so awesome you can use my code haxman 135 to get 135 off across five boxes plus free shipping on your first box go to for more details I'll put a link in the description below now if you don't want to freeze drags at home you can purchase pre-packaged freeze-dried eggs and I highly recommend you do but from what I've seen they don't taste the same as when you make them at home replace tasty with palatable these freeze-dried eggs taste exactly like fresh eggs I mean there is zero difference in flavor tastes good here here here Kim taste some more taste some more freeze dryer retains all of the nutrients that the eggs have in them you don't lose anything well you like to store eggs for 12 to 18 months yes would you like for it to be ridiculously simple and dirt cheap yes yes well friends have I got a plan for you because water glassing is a method that has been around since the early 1800s all you need is water fresh clean no dirt no poop eggs and they must have the Bloom on them and pickling lime or as it's also called hydrated lime or calcium hydroxide all you do is place the eggs in a jar or a bucket foreign [Music] don't do that then you add one ounce of lime per quart of water [Mus

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