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This Will Destroy Your Emergency Generator! Don’t Make This Mistake

[Applause] welcome back hexmaniacs today [Music] there you are you ain't got no gas in it cause it's on the ground why why did all the gasoline leak out of my generator well i know where i screwed up i know what the problem is and i know how to fix it but first let me do some splaining the most commonly available fuel at your local gas station at least in america is probably e-10 e-10 is a mixture of 90 gasoline and 10 ethanol so what is ethanol corn essentially like really hairy corn be more precise it's actually alcohol made from fermented corn [Music] it's good stuff ethanol has a higher octane level than gasoline but if you take some of that ethanol and you add it to said gasoline you increase the octane level of the gasoline which lets you use a crappier gasoline to start with let's talk about what makes e10 so great okay let's talk about what makes e10 so terrible number one ethanol has less energy than gasoline about a third less actually that means you get fewer miles per gallon in your vehicle and less run time per fill up in your small engines it's corrosive it causes rapid decay of seals gaskets and rubber hoses and fuel systems as a bonus it also gums up carburetors because it doesn't burn as clean as gasoline every vehicle made after 2001 is supposed to be in the clear at least that's what they say for 2001 you're on your own and if you've got a carbureted vehicle you can bet it's no good for you and it's definitely no good for any small engines like generators or yard equipment if it's so bad why is it just about the only thing you can buy well friends the great solver of all problems that's right government wait a second did i just yeah i did i pronounced creator wrong it's mandated and i'm not talking about neil patrick harris oh but it saves the environment right wrong new studies show that e10 is actually more harmful to the environment than pure gasoline so i screwed up okay i put e10 knowingly into my generator thinking well i'll use it up before it goes bad and that was about eight months ago and i didn't use it up and it was really stupid because this generator is a dual fuel so i really should have never put any gasoline in this to begin with i could have just run it off of the propane that i have it set up for just for different giggles though let's put some gasoline in here and see where it goes uh yeah so pretty much everywhere everywhere you would expect it to be i've got some parts to order and some repairing to do on this generator i have this handy dandy ethanol tester super simple i'm gonna use distilled water i don't know if you have to use distilled water you might use regular water you probably can but anyway let's do it with some distilled fill it up to the blue line right here i have to get this gasoline in there i'm disappointing kim because i'm using one of her food funnels let's just go ahead and be careful here so that i don't make a huge mess ah yes that's exactly why i put it in the pan let's find out how much ethanol we have in here it should be below ten percent as you can see here we are actually at five percent ethanol content in this gasoline you know the labels say that it can have up to ten percent so obviously this had only five percent good for them always make sure that you dispose of this properly how do you make e10 safe to use well you do it basically just like in that test you use water to remove the ethanol from the gasoline i'm no scientist so i'm not going to try to explain this but basically the ethanol is attracted to the water that's what helps it separate a clear gas or fuel container like this is perfect normally but not this time and it won't work for me and i'll explain why later instead today i'm going to use this mason jar which will you know it'll show everything really well distilled water food coloring what this will do will just help us see the line of delineation more clearly now i'm going to add one cup of the colored water to the gasoline i think this is how you're supposed to do it i'm actually going to let this set overnight just to make sure that it gets good and separated [Music] wow guys look at this not that this so what i had did was the first mixture that i made i realized afterwards that it was old gas it was really yellow so i made a second mixture and you can see here that it's a little bit lighter although not much not as much as you would think this is the older one and this is the newer one on both of these you know i started out with five cups of gasoline added one cup of water and as you can see here now down on the bottom is our water and food coloring and that's at a little over a cup and a half now i have to get the gas out of here or i've got to get the water out of here and i think if we try to pour it that's no bueno i've seen lots of ways to do this you can have a container that has a spigot on the bottom there's scientific devices for doing this the the channel that i saw that kind of figured it out best was when he used one of these this is just a liquid transfer pump and originally i purchased this in this fuel container because i thought okay well i'll do this right here and i'll get it out and then i screwed up and this is not long enough to reach the bottom of this container you want to make sure you dispose of the water and ethanol mixture properly so i've already taken the liberty of using some cat litter to fill up this pail once the water and ethanol mixture goes into the cat litter it'll dry hard and you'll be able to throw it away safely let's put the pump in because we have to get the water from the bottom okay here we go oh about shot water on me like an idiot that would have been that would have been stupid i'm not a smart man well that was quick let's go again it's a little bit tricky but i think that is pretty much all of it out of there now so now what you have is a lower octane gasoline than you started out with so you're really going to want to start out with like a 91 or a 93 at least whenever you do this because the octane is going to drop obviously you don't want to store your fuel in a mason jar store it in a fuel safe container that vents you might want to add some octane booster to it or you might even want to add some fuel stabilizer and when you do this it'll be good for up to two years of storage and you do want to make sure that you always have gasoline on storage for emergencies now if you're fortunate enough to have a gas station nearby that sells 100 gasoline and there are still gas stations out there that do by all means go get your fuel there and forget everything i just told you lest you don't believe me hmm i said one that's got a wicked kick to it now that you know how to safely clean that prepare and store your petrol for emergencies you only know half of the story be sure to watch this video right here and i'll show you how to be ready for the storms that are surely coming you'll go ahead watch it i'm i'm starving all over myself

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