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Unbelievable! How You Could Be Poisoning Your Family

says there's one Health concern detected uranium I have a confession to make I messed up big time I am 100 serious in fact I'm kind of scared to find out how bad I messed up we get our drinking water from a deep well here on the property and I've always had trouble finding it because I painted it fire in my back we've been drinking water from this well for over three years and I'm embarrassed to say I've never had the water tested most people assume that a well is always better than public water but that's not always true bruh depending on what your land or land around your surrounding area has been used for aquifer can be contaminated with heavy metals fertilizers fluoride chemicals or even uranium and radium a radioactive leak at a nuclear power plant right here in Minnesota Excel Energy says it happened at its plant in Monticello last November now contaminated water is slowly creeping toward the Mississippi River perhaps worst of all it could contain microorganisms from a septic leach field yeah you know what I'm talking about or and I'm just spitballing here what if some genius politicians who are likely you know way smarter than you and me decide to Nuke your town with a chemical fire in the name of expediency and saving money after a toxic chemical spill and then the national media tries to pretend it didn't happen for weeks look at it it's all in the bottom of the creek bed nah that would never happen [Music] I'm kidding it's delicious but is it safe honestly I don't know why I haven't done this yet maybe because we live on an island and I was overconfident that we don't have any contaminated runoff but I don't know what's naturally occurring hey yeah do you all do well water testing yeah okay I can hold I mean what's the worst that can happen though right it could be poisoning your entire family entire family how long is it before somebody could come out and then after they do it then how long before I get the results back foreign nobody got time for that [Music] well water let's go big extended well water test on the way 24 hours later I searched online and this kit from tap score had the best reviews and they aren't paying me by the way everyone said they had the easiest to understand report and apparently it's super simple that looks complicated once I got past my old Nemesis instructions I realized it was in fact easy all I had to do is fill up a bunch of bottles with water now I just have to mail these off and uh you know wait and find out the results of whether I'm a bad father or not zoltz two ways to make sure that your water is safe to drink one way is easy and one way is cheap and easy maybe we'll find out remember though I'm not a scientist I'm just a YouTuber but I mean there's that kind of you know I mean maybe for most of the developed world clean water is such a non-issue that people don't even give a thought as to what they do in a real disaster or emergency situation you can always store bottled water or not yet not yet on that you could store your own water in just one of these containers that you can buy off the internet these things are pretty cheap you know you just store your water in there but you will eventually run out of water and even if you have a well like we do it can become contaminated in an emergency or disaster so it's always good to have some type of portable emergency purification system one that I really like is this this is I got this a few months ago and this is a lifesaver Jerry can and why do they call it a Jerry can does that mean that the Germans finds a tone Jerry can offensive I don't want to offend anyone you just feel Adolf up through this opening right here this is one of the filters that actually has two filters hold up I'm an idiot you probably knew that already that's actually the pump not the filter the filter is actually underneath the spigot let me just get this out here you can see it's this really long replaceable cartridge and there's the end of it for your viewing pleasure the second filter is actually also underneath the spigot and it's this carbon filter and I think that this will clean 5300 gallons of water at least through the main filter and then it clogs so that you know it's no longer working there's not a question of is the filter still good pressurize 08 off up Ah that's fresh that's good stuff I bought this with my own hard-earned money as a YouTuber by the way Lifesaver says that this will kill 99.9 of all viruses bacteria and cysts but when it comes to heavy metal it only says it will reduce it so I don't know if that means you know maybe Rammstein goes in but Metallica still comes out anyway the problem with systems like this is you've got to have backup filters for when this filter goes out and having those can add up and be kind of pricing I was getting anxious about the results from the water test so I checked it unfortunately yeah it's still at the post office which makes sense because I just mailed it yesterday [Music] now my last video where I talked about purifying water at home everybody in the comments said why didn't you talk about boiling water and there's a simple reason for that oh just get that oh there's a good reason for that not only does it exfoliate it also kills all the bacteria and microorganisms in the water but it doesn't remove the chemicals while it does kill them it also leaves their bodies in the water so you're still drinking them if you really want to remove all impurities including chemicals from water you have to distill the water distillation is the process of heating liquid to a vapor and condensing The Vapor back into a liquid it's science this is how moonshine and other alcohol is made by the way now what I'm about to show you is the culmination of knowledge gained from nearly a decade in the Boy Scouts I'm kidding I I learned this from a YouTube video Kim where [Music] where I swear it's like going to the grocery store she moves stuff just for the sake of moving it foreign holy crap this is what people turning right [Music] little sauce we got a couple big pots here [Music] nope so much for free all right real quick I want to find out this is like driving me nuts because I'm paranoid have I been poisoning my family all right okay so they have they have the samples we're just waiting on testing now I just needs some dirty water and actually I want something more than dirty and that calls for a road trip a short trip today the bacteria level is acceptable get that water girlfriend I'm hungry now we've got our big pot we've got our little pot I've got a bag and I'm just kidding we've got our bucket oh bacteria-laden ocean water can I hear the ocean you know I think I came here in the ocean see if you hear it leader okay I've got that sand girlfriend puts a little pot in puts a little pot in like that yeah just like that we're going to take the lid turn the lid upside down water isn't even boiling yet the process has already begun water's not just beginning t

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