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WARNING: My Dewalt DWS780 Mitre Saw Exploded!

foreign I didn't expect this to happen [Applause] g'day folks Uncle knackers here from DIY for Knuckleheads now if you own a DeWalt DWS 780 a dws-779 or a DHS 790 miter saw you need to watch this video a couple of years ago I bought and did a review on the DeWalt DWS 780 12-inch miter saw it's awesome I love it it's got stacks of power Cuts beautifully straight and cuts all those fancy angles and dangles what more could you want no complaints here folks however a couple of months after I bought the saw I heard a rumor that DeWalt had put out a recall notice on these models regarding the faulty plastic rear guard assembly at the back of the blade housing now if you want to know if your particular model has been affected by the recall the date can be found here on the motor housing it's a bit hard to see but it's there now just be aware that saws with a Green Dot on the name plate or a black dot on the arm of the saw are already inspected and are not affected obviously mine's affected typical now DeWalt States on their website that the plastic guard can break or shatter when struck exposing the saw blade and posing a laceration Hazard now naturally being the idiot that I am I totally ignored that warning and continued to use the saw for a good 18 months after that without any dramas till yesterday when I was happily minding my own business cutting a piece of wood when suddenly the plastic guard at the back of the blade exploded and I mean exploded it scared the absolute Living Daylights out of me and it's only sheer luck that I wasn't injured and as you can see these are the pieces that are managed to retrieve from the garden let that be a lesson folks now don't get me wrong I still love this machine but the bottom line is don't be an idiot like me and make sure you go and get that part replaced which I have to say has been a pretty painless operation I ordered my part this morning so hopefully it should be getting here pretty quickly so I can get back into it now down beneath this video in the description box I'll leave the details for who you need to contact in regard to getting your new and improved replacement part and I also leave a link to a video which shows you how to install that part which is a very straightforward process even I could do it and that's saying something now on a lighter note and since we're talking about recall did you hear the one about the elephant who was having a drink at the Waterhole when all of a sudden he picks up a tortoise turtle same same sorta with his trunk and just flung it as far away as he could a tiger looks at him and says why on Earth would you do something like that the elephant looks up and he says that is the same tortoise turtle that bit me on the trunk 17 years ago to the day the tiger then pipes up and he says wow you've got an amazing memory mate and the Elephant says yeah I have it's a gift I have Turtle recall get it get that part of your saw cheers

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