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Why Didn’t They Tell Me?

all right pull that whole thing up what we got in here always keep a couple extra magazines you never know when you got some heavy reading that might pop up there you go [Music] need the wrench gave us some gloves we're going to get dirty though we're not going to use the gloves all right if you're on the side of the road you wouldn't have any shocks any wheel chocks but and we don't have any regular wheel chocks we're just gonna use these blocks of wood if you're on the side of the road you might have to try to find a rock or something where was the egg at finding all kinds of stuff today aren't you grab it with both hands and push down hard as you can push push okay push help me push okay that one's loose gives you more there you go all right don't loosen it all the way so today for homeschool the girls are learning how to change a tire on a car it's a little dual purpose today they get to learn that and also uh there's a purpose behind this a couple videos back i talked about how we're going to be outfitting the uh our suv up so that we can do a little bit more off-roading in it because we don't want to get a new one and part of that deal was getting new wheels and tires on here more off-road oriented all-terrain tires and since i put these on here when i get up to about 40 to 50 miles an hour the car really shakes and vibrates i mean not like extreme but it kind of feels like we're driving over like broomsticks basically kind of washboardy feeling it almost it almost feels like this almost like the brake is pumping almost anyways it's slight but it's really annoying so a viewer mentioned that the problem might be that i need hub-centric rings on here and let me show you kind of i can now we've got the cap off of here i can actually kind of show you what the deal is so you can kind of see here with the wheel still on where the opening is for the hub and where the actual hub is for the car and you see that space there that space shouldn't be there so i've got terrible lighting today to try to film this but essentially what happens is when you put the wheel on you can't get it totally centered because it just goes on the lugs and there's probably a slight bit of movement and we'll find that out once we jack this up how much movement how much play there actually is but these hub-centric rings should actually hold it in place and they're basically an alignment tool your owner's manual will tell you where to place the jack it's especially important on these unibody vehicles because everything's just tied together you can see here where there's a notch or excuse me a hole up there and it corresponds with this top of the jack so that you know exactly where to line it up it's been it's been okay let's go ahead and get these off as it turns out i don't even have lug nuts i have lug bolts which it won't focus on i'll put it by my face i have lug bolts so i don't know how this affects this this may make this thing i mean this could have affected it in an even greater way because maybe it makes it even harder to center on there anyway i don't know what i've got here are hub-centric rings i actually ordered two different types i ordered aluminum ones and i ordered plastic and my thinking originally was well if this is going to be part of the wheel i don't want to use plastic but upon further research basically this is just an alignment tool to help you get everything centered and then once your lug nuts or lug bolts are tightened that's it that's what carries the weight so these are strictly an alignment tool if you use the aluminum ones you have to put anti-seize on it because if you've got two dissimilar metals that can cause problems so you know basically i would recommend going with the plastic ones and you can see the difference here is the hub on this particular car is 63.4 millimeters well the opening for the hub on the wheel is 73 millimeters now i'm taking a chance here because these rings that i ordered are 63.4 to 73.1 so here's the moment of truth will these fit in here oh yes they do and that is wonderful like a glove i took my chances that that 0.1 millimeter wouldn't make any difference now will this fit on the hub of the car yes it does sweet okay let's see how strong you are let's see if you ate your wheaties today and now you want to lift it up and put it on that hub right there so turn the wheel around it's just like you're changing the tire okay so line it up you're wearing the proper shoes i see okay ease it up there to it you gotta pick it up you're not weak okay here hold the camera from that got it don't let go look at there look at there right on it perfect no play all right let's get these lug bolts in here that'll line that up there we go okay that star pattern so go across from it go up all the way across from it no the other way straight there you go right there okay yeah just until the wheel starts to turn across there you go yep always make sure that no part of you is underneath the vehicle while you're doing that normally if we were on the side of the road all you would do is tighten it uh as tight as you could get it okay but we're not on the side of the road so we want to tighten these down to uh volvo my way that truck goes by do i have black on my face okay i don't want people thinking i'm doing a justin trudeau impersonation um volvo wants these tightened down to 103 foot-pounds so that's what we're going to do we've got a torque wrench here okay there we go then we come up here in the star pattern see that way you tighten it evenly so i'm gonna go inside and i'm gonna eat lunch and i'm gonna leave the other three to you okay nice break watermelon watermelon honeydew what is this you want to try that i want to try this this is what do you call this self-sufficient me has these at his house and he loves them and i was like let me try this it's not from his house i wish what's up mark all right let's try some dragon okay yeah sure what you're making monkey eggs fresh farm eggs from our farm from our farm chickens i said yes ma'am all right oh this is not what i thought i got i know the ones that he has are red inside yeah and they're like ariel they look like that in pictures do they that is beautiful though okay let's try this yeah yeah do you scoop i don't know how to eat this only four of us get a piece hey give me give me it looks like cheese cameron you want to try this uh passion fruit stuff is it kind of cool oh this is dragon fruit not passion fruit dragon yes very girl is it good it's really pretty it kind of reminds me like kiwi it feels like kiwi yeah but and it's pretty like kiwi it's a little bit milder a lot a lot milder it's kind of watery really not much taste taste maybe if you grow it from your house it would be sweet or something i really like it maybe it should save some seeds the closer you get to the pink or whatever it tastes more like kiwi yeah it has that texture of kiwi it does if you didn't know it already this is th

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