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you won’t believe the machines I stuffed into my MICRO WORKSHOP – Shop Tour

as you can probably tell from the title of this video my shop is super small [Music] this shop is just over 10 by 12 feet which makes it smaller than a single car garage and yet i've managed to stuff some pretty sizable machinery in here including a three horsepower cabinet saw an edge sander a 12 inch jointer planer 14-inch bandsaw full-size drill press and everything in between i moved in here about six months ago and the first thing i did was install two new circuits a 120 volt circuit and a 240 volt circuit behind me is a huge mess and i would like to change that mess one day with a hand tool cabinet like all the cool cats are doing these days but for now it will remain a huge mess beneath that i have two cabinets that i made out of maple and they're all made with box joints on the drawers and on the case this is the first cabinet i ever made and it sports a pretty bad paint job because i didn't know what i was doing and i rushed through it like most of my projects the top drawer has my brad nailer and narrow crown stapler this next drawer has an unorganized array of router bits this next drawer has tools for working with electronics and this final drawer has my dremel and accessories next i have a more up-to-date version which has the same construction but has full extension drawer slides fancy the top drawer has nitro gloves and some sanding accessories this next drawer has my random orbit sander with some pads that are more nicely organized than other things the bottom drawer features an organizer that has some sandpaper in it this is also where i keep this bin that i made with curly maple to catch a shavings that fell from my jointer that i subsequently sold now it is a garbage bin and a very pretty one this is my workbench it's something i slapped together over the course of a weekend with some two by fours all i needed was a stout surface to work on and i had no desire to make some sort of mecca of woodworking and i would like some more storage and clamping options so i'm going to be making a new workbench sometime hopefully this year this bench features a 10 inch craftsman quick release vise which is nice enough i have some jigs some blades a jigsaw that i found on the side of the road my new dewalt circular saw which is lovely a dual biscuit joiner and a box of a thousand bisquits and a dewalt compact router i also lay a floor mat on my bench for less vibrations when sanding and i keep my box joint jig down here as well my latest purchase is this bosch dust extractor which is proven to be very useful with using a random orbit sander or other hand power tools the only negative thing i can say about it is that the self-cleaning feature sounds like someone's trying to bust down your front door this is a random desktop a laminated pine ikea desktop that i found on the side of the road one day i don't have a use for it and i still don't so i'm wondering why i have it i have my apron here this is a tool chest that doesn't really have much woodworking stuff but there's some measuring tools a bunch of pencils pliers and vise grips files zero clearance inserts wrenches that's that's just a big mess that's what that is and down here or craig jig jack stands and an impact wrench for changing my winter tires [Music] this is my bandsaw it is a standard 14-inch imported delta clone from probably the early 90s i paid a whopping 180 dollars for it and by the time i got it home i had broken the blade guide so i purchased a carter blade guide which was more expensive than the entire band saw i also broke the rear blade guard so i made a new one out of wood and that's what you get for stuffing it into a sedan overall i'm pretty underwhelmed by this band saw because it has many problems including a wobbly bottom wheel the tires are untrue and i cannot get proper tension on the blade also it's a half horsepower so it's pretty underpowered what else do i not like about it oh yeah the main thing i don't like about it is that it only has six inches of resaw height and that is entirely inadequate now that i have a 12 inch jointer and i can hardly use it to its full capacity [Music] this is my drill press it is a beaver 3700 from probably the 1950s or 40s it's the oldest tool in my shop much like the rest of my tools my drill press has a bunch of issues namely the run out at the spindle i only paid sixty dollars for it and i spent approximately another sixty dollars on a new chuck and a replacement spindle this beaver drill press was also offered in a floor standing model but this is i think what they called the knee height model because it's not exactly a bench height if you put this on a bench it will be far too tall but this offers the opportunity to have a nice storage cabinet underneath and a floor standing drill press rarely gets used to its full capacity and i would rather have a cabinet beneath it for storage i would like to report that this lock line dust collection hose has been working out pretty well it's a bit of an extra step to fire up the dust collector every time you use a drill press but when you start using forstner bits and hogging out large holes it's really nice to collect the dust at the source and not be left with a pile of shavings underneath above the drill press i have an air cleaner very close there's about a half inch of clearance between the drill press and the air cleaner i know it's not the most ideal position but really nothing is ideal in the shop but it's nice to have this when i need it beneath my drill press is a cabinet that i made from a pallet that i found on the side of the road now i'm no pallet woodworker but this one was made of some varieties of exotic hardwoods and the rails on the skid were full four inches by four inches the slats on it were a variety of different other hardwoods the top was a laminated maple countertop that i also found on the side of the road in the drawers well this used to be where i held my drill and driver but now there's just a loose array of bits down here is more organized drill bits here i have a corded drill and a heat gun and on the bottom is a delightful array of wood screws organized in yogurt cups this is my edge sander and i love edge sanders just not this one i think i need to change the bearings on it and as far as edge sanders go it is a little bit small the belt is only 80 inches long and the working platen surface here is about 24 inches story on this one goes as i responded to an ad in the classifieds and i pretty much lowballed him but he actually accepted my offer much to my surprise so i think i paid about 200 on this machine and i really haven't spent any more money on it since then this is my clamp rack it holds all my clamps which compared to many people on youtube is not actually a whole lot of clamps but i make do with what i have also it's where i keep my stereo so i can jammed my tunes i have two one horsepower dust collectors one resides in the corner between my edge sander and my dril

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