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99% of people don’t know this about a miter saw…DO YOU??

welcome to sawdust and wood today i'm a simplify angle cutting for everybody this is going to be the easiest tutorial to learn how to cut acute and obtuse angles if you like everything i do and all the content i provide please take a moment just take a minute subscribe share the video all right so i need everyone to use the imagination right here this is a wall you're trying to put trim on so you want to come you want to measure that wall take out my angle finder and i'm gonna sit on that wall it's right at 120. all right so 120 is what my angle finder says now let's get over to the miter saw i'm going to show you how to translate that onto the saw and make two perfect cuts that's going to fit this like a glove 20 is what our angle finder told us so you want to divide that by two that gives us 60. so we need two 60 degree cuts is what you would think right here by looking at this number to make that 120. this is the deal you got to remember you're dealing with complementary angles on a miter saw 0 on a miter saw is actually 90. okay here's the zero on a miter saw then you go 80 then you go 70 then you go 60 so on down so let's check it out so zero pro is a 90 degree cut it's a square cut it's 90. 10 is going to be 80 [Music] 20 is going to be 70 and 30 is going to be 60. so let's come right here and if you notice those angles all make 90 right complementary angles 60 you need 260 cuts what's 30 60 and 30 is 90. so it's 30 on the miter saw so i'll set it 30 degrees or should i say 30 we got our baseboard [Music] make sure you got your eye protection on all right now one cut we're gonna flip it over just because this is for demonstration purposes on all right now let's cut cut it in the middle and go see if this fits the wall all right guys we're back on our imaginary wall we got our two baseboards cut let's see just how they fit this was your trim look at that okay we're back on another imaginary wall check out this angle this is an acute angle it's less than 90 degrees let's check it out let's see what this angle measures this angle is right at 60. okay so 60. let's go to the miter saw and let me show you how to do this so we got sixty divide sixty by two and you get thirty so you need two thirty degree cuts of saying so knowing what we know in a miter saw let's see what we got here because we know this is an acute angle start at 90 80 70 60 50 45 40. i don't have 30. my saw doesn't go that far back so in order to do this i have to make a jig to scrap wood because i saw it and go all the way back to 30. and you want to secure it down if you don't have this on your miter saw get you some clamps or something um ca glue will hold it temporarily until you finish because you don't want this piece to move okay you want that piece nice and tight so now i'm gonna slide my saw over to 45 and cut it's at 45 all right i got to hold this board steady now i'm going to cut this angle [Music] okay hold this piece tight and put your saw back to zero okay and now with this piece here cut at a 45 when to saw when the saw is zero and i put this piece of trim in right here against here that is when it gives me a 45 cut at zero so to get the two 30s i need i need to start now 0 is my 45 and if i go to 10 it's 35 and if i go to 15 it's 30. so i'm gonna set myself a 15 with the jig i want y'all you may have to watch this a couple of times if you're not grasping it so now i got the correct angle so you need to make sure that your piece of trim is nice and tight against your block got one cut slide that next piece of trim in make sure it sits flush now that should be 230 degree cuts and they should match up on that piece when we get back to it let's go check it out we're back to our imaginary wall we got our two pieces i cut let's see how they fit nice and tight look at that fit thanks for joining me today i hope i explained to everyone how to cut acute and obtuse angles measure every angle because most angles in houses on corners are not 90 degrees they're 88 degrees 86 degrees 92 degrees you want to get accurate cut so those miters look really nice you don't have gaps in them thanks for watching hit the subscribe button like and share y'all have a great day

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