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Angle cutting on a circular saw. Did you know this?

[Music] today we're going to take a skill salt and we're going to change the angle setting on it I'm gonna make a couple cuts and we're gonna use my angle finder and see if the angle de saucĂ© says it's cutting if it actually gives a setting on the board let's get started okay the first cut we're gonna make I'm gonna set my saw to 30 degrees on here I'm gonna make a cut and we're gonna measure it with the angle finder alright as you can see the skill saw set at 30 I'm gonna make off cut all right so then good angle find her and put on here and see what degree it is all right here's my cut my skill saw set at 30 degrees and it's actually a 60 degree cut it's no different than the miter saw if you go back and watch advanced miter saw techniques on my channel I explain how you read it – all backwards and it appears the skill saw is the same way so it works off of 90 when the skill saw is said is zero it's actually giving you a 90 degree cut you go set it at 30 it's 90 minus 30 and it gives you a 60 degree cut it's just good to notice we're gonna do one more cut and then write this video now right for this cut we got this all set to 15 let's see what angle we get all right with the skill saw set to 15 we actually cut a 75 degree angle on the end of the board want to thank everybody for watching today and I hope you learn something about your skill saw when it's set at zero it's actually and you make a straight cut that's a 90 degree cut it's a right angle let's say you move 10 degrees off and you set your skill saw to 10 that's an 80 degree cut you go to 20 that's a 70 degree cut 45 is still gonna be a 45 the when you go down that's the middle of 90 so you set your saw to 45 you'll cut a 45 degree cut thought this would be informative for everybody I want to thank you all for watching and have a great day [Music]

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