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Calculate a roof rafter without a square! Only Plywood, Tape Measure, and Pencil

welcome to sawdust and wood today i hope you're ready to learn some carpentry and have some fun i want to thank everybody who's been with my channel and been sticking with me this year is going to be our year we're going to take this channel my goal is to go from 35 000 subs all the way to 100 000 subs i need your help though i don't need money from you i just need you to share all my videos on facebook instagram anywhere you can share them to now cut all the small talk out and i'm gonna teach you how to frame a roof rafter how to figure out the length of a roof rafter with just a tape measure a sheet of plywood let me show you something and a pencil each piece of plywood has four factory edges and they are 99.9 percent square so let's say i want to cut a roof and it's going to be a 512 pitch and all i got is a sheet of plywood and my pencil and my tape measure i'll start on this side on one of the square sides the factory edges can't be some square that you cut and i'm going to measure 12 inches here then i'm going to come here and i'm going to measure 5 inches right here then what i'm going to do is i'm going to take a straight edge and i'm going to draw a line right here all right let me show you how to ply wood what you want to do is if you look right there i measured 5 inches up that's the rise and i measured 12 inches for the run now i'm going to take this piece of wood i have with a straight edge and go from this line to this line then i'm gonna cut that out right here and i'm gonna show you how i can figure out the bird's mouth the raptor run and everything on there all right now i'm gonna take this straight edge put it on the five put on the 12 and i'm gonna draw a line right there before i cut it real quick though i'm gonna take my tape and all my on my own run side with the 12 inches i'm gonna mark an inch two inches three inches four inches five inches six inches seven eight nine ten eleven and that'll be a foot while i'm filming look at this dog mama's gonna be mad at you bailey what you got to say for yourself all right five's a rise and i put this here because we're gonna do the step-off method and i'm gonna probably need to use everything's probably not gonna be a perfect foot all right so now i'm going to cut right here on this line now we're going to get saw put your safety glasses on because this is safety first around we wouldn't have it no other way and make a nice straight cut all right let me show y'all what we got now we've got everything we need now to get this done correctly all right we're going to make this simple with our measurements since this is just a demonstration so let's say this is we're going to build our gable roof this is two foot exactly so one foot is the center so i need one step off on this board which is basically gonna be one take off i'm gonna show you how i get this too you just take this piece that you got right here and you put it flush with the top and then you mark your plumb cut is going to be right here and that's going to go against the ridge and this is no different than stepping off with a square then i'm going to mark right here and i'm going to make another plumb cut and then i'm going to flip this over and use this angle to get the bird's mouth put this piece flush with the top i'm going to make my plum cut line right here and then i'm gonna come right here and i'm gonna mark that and then what i'm gonna do is i'm gonna slide down and make look how about this in up to the edge and i'm going to make this line that's the end of my run you flip it over you line it up with the back here and you just make your mark and that's gonna be your bird's mouth that's gonna be cut out now if i wanted any overhang i would measure it off here and make my mark there now that i got my template all i'm gonna do is put this piece on top right here and trace this rafter here i'm going to mark this one now i'm going to cut this one exactly the same all right got my rafters cut they match up and remember i didn't put any overhang on these things 512 pitch and they fit perfect as you can see we edged edge that's two foot across so each rattle is cut one foot it's super easy just with a sheet of plywood thanks for joining me today any questions you have let me know drop in the comments section like this video share this video sharing is caring the more people you share to the more people can come over to the channel thanks for watching have a great day

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