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Catching Dinner With The Fastest Animal On Earth

foreign tired of spending a fortune at the grocery store worried about a series of completely unplanned disasters wiping out the food supply maybe you're planning on putting food on the table by hunting actually any big game and for that matter ammo would probably be wiped out after any major food disaster the bugs or become a vegan you could raise meat chickens but then you have to feed all those chickens or hacks Maniacs you could get your carnivore on with small game like squirrels rabbits or Upland Birds oh yeah there's no ammo and I haven't used the slingshot since I was a kid what if I could raise a different type of bird to feed my family bigger much bigger this is what I'm talking about don't worry we're not gonna eat a whole we're gonna hunt with one we're headed to Statesboro Georgia to meet with someone who raises trains and hunts with various types of birds of prey boom we arrive at an undisclosed location to meet our guide for the day a second generation Falconer with over a decade of experience Adam Hein from on the Fly Outfitters I sense right away Adam's a serious dude I really want to find out if I can put food on the table by hunting with Hawks but first I have to know can they get along with my dogs doc let's go we actually call these guys hey sit Funk so these guys are trained specifically we've got a Vizsla and a British lab they're trained specifically to work with with the Hawks and the Falcons are you ready to go find some birds Adam takes a few minutes to get his Harris Hawk named Doyle ready and it's on I can't begin to tell you how amazing it is to have an apex predator working with and following you the Hulk is never far away and always watching waiting for the rest of the team to do their part it's not long before doc finds a bird Adam sends Cooper in to flush it out for Doyle [Music] get ready to start happening right here on the ground oh [Music] goodbye [Music] talk is still on it what we're gonna have is the teamwork of the dogs back here and so which could up our success rate and if the hawk has somewhat mirrored it and and put the bird back down the chucker back on the ground we can get there with the teamwork of both dogs and get a repoint and a reflush and hopefully have some success so work work work work [Music] yeah this isn't as one-sided as you might think the hawk is built to catch the prey prey is built to evade the hog he's watching it run on the ground see if he pitches over here at the last second nope yep there he goes caught it come on still missed it see all that it's like running through the door [Music] so it took a lot it wasn't the cleanest hunt but we were able to reward the hawk we're rewarding the dogs we're making sure the teamwork still stays intact if we were you know catching this food to feed our families we've got something in the bag he hasn't uh he hasn't become satiated yet he's gonna I'm gonna reward him a small amount and we can take that whole chucker we can rest it out pull all the meat off we can do a bone stew we can do so many different things give the Hawks sorry the dog some food too but you know thousands of years ago when uh the sport was kind of it wasn't a sport at that point it was a means to feed your family you would actually take that food take all the other birds and hunt for the rest of the day um instead of packing your own lunch all this kind of stuff I'm gonna go in and put a hand on what he caught I've got food prepped and ready and I'm just going to take a small little morsel while he's kind of occupied and toss it just out of his reach and he should let go for this instant gratification and let's see make sure here we go you let go I'm gonna hide hide what he just taught just so he's none the wiser he doesn't feel like I robbed him of anything so that he still wants to come to me with enough repetition Cooper lay down the act of catching becomes the conditioner um and the reward is going to be coming back to the falconer is what you want and at this point Adam notices that something seems awful Doyle [Music] but you don't know neurologically if anything's going on like yeah let me if something is wrong neurologically Doyle could only have moments left Adam takes some time to make sure he's okay [Music] and after a short rest he is perfectly fine and we decide to make a quick pit stop on our way to the next hunt this is where Adam's dog Cooper was bred Adam's friend Michael breeds and trains Championship British and Irish Labradors here I had no idea this would be my most difficult challenge yet can I make it out without adding another family member and Now for Something Completely Different real quick guys check out these falconry facts while I pay some bills let's make some creamy Italian pork soup green Chef is a ccof certified organic company they have options for every lifestyle keto paleo vegan vegetarian fast and fit Mediterranean and gluten-free we try to be as self-reliant as possible but we also stay crazy busy making these videos so Doorstep Delivery gives us a reprieve and allows us to skip the grocery store which I hate going to the pre-portioned ingredients and pre-made sauces make cooking fast and easy even for an idiot like me it's important to us that our girls eat good healthy food and these meals support a healthy lifestyle and mayonnaise they are freaking delicious and because you hacks Maniacs are so awesome you can use my code haxman60 to get 60 off plus free shipping go to for more details I'll put a link in the description below let's see how this tastes um amazing this is Adam's other Harris Hawk named Ally we're on the hunt for squirrels [Music] look I was just as confused as you as it turns out Adam shakes The Vines hanging from the trees to get any squirrels moving quiet she's about to make a move up see how she's bouncing around she's using trying to get a better angle see if she can see something heads up uh she's found a Target [Music] Little Bunny Foo Foo on top of that camera unfortunately it's the wind buffer on my bike the tree of origin and see if I can get another one to move and then we'll keep working the tree of origin that sounds magical it's the tree of origin remember it's called hunting and not finding just like traditional methods every hunt doesn't bring home dinner there just weren't any squirrels in this patch of woods today but still an important lesson could be learned I think a really important question is does a hawk make you look cooler who looks cooler right now and switch who's cooler now oh dude no you just lost serious points I learned that Hawks primarily kill their prey by crushing and constricting them with their feet and large Talons so just gonna just gonna mimic a a caught rabbit or squirrel and just kind of make this noise you can wash your feet kind of Ratchet down oh yeah I suppose oh wow whoa that's crazy that is that is crazy oh oh she's like I gotcha that's why you're working yeah you're disappoint

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