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DIY Chicken Coop Has Shocking Surprise! (You Have To See How This Works)

I'm starting out this build by using some pressure treated 2 by lumber for the base of this Coupe and I'm going to try to cut off any checks that are on the ends of this Lumber so that I can keep it nice and clean I lined all the boards up and then put a clamp to keep them nice and tight because I'm going to be doing a half laap joint for this now I happen to have a black belt in bullido if you don't by all means do this the oldfashioned way it's just going to take long [Music] that Hawk is out here right now listen to the chickens where's he at huh where's he at you got you all upset when the Hawks found us last year we built the run addition onto our original Coupe and during the cold months we kept the chickens in the run until the afternoon when the Predator pressure was low but it was bound to happen Kim saw something out the window and was like oh my gosh Adam is that a it is it's the hawk not one but two Hawks actually we hurted the chickens into the Cee and we've barely been able to let them out for months always having between one and three Hawks in the backyard they know a buffet when they see one the base of this chicken coup is going to be 6t X 12T and I'm just using these decking screws to hold everything together as I start on the walls I'm going to try to avoid any crazy warped Lumber now for these I'm not using pressure treated because this is all going to get paint on it anyway and this is not going to contact ground eventually the sand Nats were just eating me up so I took it inside the board who lived come to die with all the lumber for the walls cut it's time to start drilling pocket holes a lot of pocket holes I got to tell you when you're doing projects like this though pocket holes are the way way to go they are an incredible timesaver even though it can get a little tedious when you got to drill like 500 of [Music] them ah I got a glue booger uh where should I put this now I just put it down here with the regular ones I'm using a a clamp because if you're not familiar with it whenever you use pocket hole joinery the screws are going in at an angle and they tend to pull the board a little in the direction that the screw is headed so by clamping everything together it keeps everything nice and tight hello my love hello have you come looking for mayonnaise [Music] no would you like to help are you filming right now I'm filming right now yes you are on video actually you're not on video but you're almost on video would you like to be on video you still got your JJs on okay well big on big on unless you want to help okay all right love you love you bye byebye now by [Music] now that both the base and the walls are assembled I want to go ahead and paint the base and the bottom of the walls before I attach them [Music] [Music] but I would walk 500 miles an hour would want 500 is the be a man who walks a, miles to [Music] fall with the walls screwed to each other but not attached to the base yet I went ahead and measured corner to corner to make sure that everything was Square then I went ahead and finished putting the screws in to connect the balls to the base [Music] I'm going to use 3/4 in exterior grade plywood to cut out and build what will be the storage box and the storage box will actually be the base for the nesting boxes that hang off the end of the chicken tu [Music] [Music] after hitting everything with the stapler again I'm going to use decking SC to hold everything tight [Music] anything that's going to be either hard to reach later or is going to be covered I'm going to go ahead and paint along the way so that I know it's sealed from the weather [Music] [Music] come on finally it dawned on me I could use a couple clamps to pull the boards together to take a little of the tension off and give me just enough room to slide this box in then I started framing for the actual coup portion of the CP slash run 24 hours later so this is where pre-planting comes in handy because last night I put this board in and I left just enough space cuz I thought I was being really smart to put the sheathing on the back here but what I didn't remember was that I needed to leave enough room to attach the hardware cloth so once the sheathing goes on right there it's going to be flush with this and there's not going to be any room to put the hardware cloth on so I'm going to have to move this I always start off drawing the plans out and then I go try to mess with sketch up a little bit I really got to learn how to use that better and then I get impatient and I'm like ah I'll just wing it you know I'll figure it out as I go along but when you do that you run into issues like this where you have to redo stuff but so be it luckily I I put a lot of glue on there so [Music] I'm using 3/8 in rough saw exterior siding to build the nesting boxes uh but the 3/8 in is a little thin I'm not sure how well that's going to hold up so I'm going to go ahead and double these up waste not what not [Music] all right who wants the long roller and who wants the short roller niine okay okay okay [Music] okay everybody get up now we just have to figure out the roof trusses I'm going to lay that out on this sheet of 1/2 in plywood I know that my Coupe is 6 ft wide and I want the peak of the roof to be 2 ft taller than the sides so let's get to laying out I'm just going to use my track saw track as a straight [Music] edge go to that Mark and I need to measure out this where'd you go office what do you have nothing what do you have nothing nothing nothing what what why is it chirping [Music] nothing what a few moments later oh the chicken C is to protect the chickens that we're currently have and then you a got more chickens yes so now what are we going to do I'll figure it out with a wrench thrown in my plans I went ahead and proceeded figuring out the trusses and cutting those out I hate doing the same thing over and over again and this took the better part of the day I was sick of [Applause] [Music] [Applause] it let's get it up there and see how it looks not bad now I just need uh bunch more yeah see that's easy I couldn't help thinking about how we now had two flocks of chickens that needed to be safe from Hawks a bold move was needed [Music] I'd like to thank you for agreeing to meet with me today about the chickens they they mean a lot to my wife could we could we come to an agreement t worms you know you'll leave the chickens alone good talk that was really weird I thought for sure he'd have a British accent while I wait to hear back from the Hawks I'm going to go ahead and build all of the doors for the coupe I cut some 2x4s down to 2 and 1/2 in wide and again I'm just using pocket hole join R to connect everything [Music] [Music] these doors are going to have an x pattern in them and instead of taking a bunch of measurements I just laid out the piece of wood that's going to create the X marked the center and laid it corner to corner and that made it so much easier and faster and

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