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Don’t Build Raised Garden Beds Until You Watch This

thanks to bespoke post for sponsoring this video i don't really know if this is the best way to do this or not oh man tell you what no matter how many good plans i make i think i'm going to get two videos out a week something comes up and it doesn't happen it's been three weeks since i got a video up but today i wanted to do kind of an update video especially on like the raised garden beds that i've done and see how they've held up let's go to the backyard and look at start by there one of the reasons that i haven't been able to film is because i've actually had of all things chickenpox for the last two weeks and it's been quite miserable actually the last week hasn't been that bad they weren't very itchy but i mean i had i don't know how many i had hundreds of them i had like 70 just on my face now it's very much to work with here in the first place but uh at least most of those are gone my nose is still real red if i take my hat off you can still see a lot of the bumps but i had to get a video made i've seen a lot of people say that when adults get chickenpox they're worse than as a child i have nothing to compare those two but i can say that like the first week that i had them it was extremely miserable uh i had high fever like 103. and it felt like if you ever seen delta force where chuck norris grabs that guy up underneath this rib [Music] that's what my ribs felt like for the first week so anyway the last several days i felt fine i just can't you know i don't want to get around anybody because i don't want it to spread but anyway i digress let's get back to this uh raised garden bed i'm going to start out with the one that i did that was the galvanized roofing sheets and then i used just minimal wood on this project let's see how it looks today yeah not very impressive it must have fallen apart just like everybody said it would in the comments right wrong actually it held up really well uh we ended up giving this to my sister just because we redid this whole area this whole area was our garden and we used the back to eden method where you throw down the wood chips but the problem is we didn't wait before we planted and so the wood chips basically stole all the nitrogen out of the ground and we had a really hard time growing anything back here it was just everything was very weak i mean it was deprived of nitrogen the potatoes actually did pretty well but i mean i'm not a gardener kim's the gardener so i don't know a lot about this stuff right now what this thing is i can see here is a giant ant bed this actually held up really well a lot of people had questions about whether the metal would make the soil get really hot and i never noticed that kim did you ever notice actually i always thought the soil actually kept the metal my touch i mean it cool fine yeah and we put strawberries and sweet potatoes in here and they both did amazing in here like i said the only reason that we took this down and my sister has it put back up now at her house is because we're getting rid of all this we're just going to put sod in here or throw some grass seed out or whatever because we've moved the garden out front i did mention after i made this that i should have put some more wood support in the bottom to keep it from bowing out but we didn't really have a problem with it bowing out because let me show you what we did we actually used the hugel culture method on this thing so we started out by putting old wood and logs down in the bottom for a couple of reasons that's just stuff that can break down that's organic material that can break down over time but it does take a long time to do it but also it makes it easier and cheaper to fill the beds up so you can see that's what we laid all these down in the bottom of the bed before we threw the dirt on there and it held up fine even you know we took this down two months ago kim probably like five or six well not really because we uh made the other planter beds must have been maybe four or five months ago it was for fall planting okay november anywho okay we uh up until just recently this still had the the sides you can see how the sides held up like this this only came down after the rain hit it and the dogs and everything huh it wasn't hey there's another sweet taste nice another little sweet potato and you dug those sweet potatoes out well how long ago would you take him maybe two months months ago we dug this sweet potatoes out unfortunately whenever i built that it was really cheap because those galvanized panels were only 15 bucks a piece and i think in some areas those galvanized panels are i don't know close to like 40 bucks now because of uh inflation so it's kind of crazy um let's go look at the cedar beds those were the first raised beds that i built it's kind of a mess back over here in this corner because basically like i said we're redoing the whole backyard these were the first ones that i built and i used cedar um yeah cedar fence planks to build these which made it cost far less the whole goal here was that i didn't want to use any pressure treated lumber supposedly that's okay to use but i don't i don't believe that i mean maybe it is but i'm not going to do it because the liquid is literally right there to leach out so i'm not going to use that so anyway the tops these were cedar and then i just used a fur 4×4 for the legs you know a lot of people said that these were going to rot i mean these are just right on the ground there is i mean they're perfectly fine and these have worked out really well the only reason i didn't build more stuff out of cedar is just because you know if you get dimensional lumber at a cedar it is like insanely expensive the way to go is with the fence pickets if you can build as much with that as possible and kim's plan what have you planted in here all your herbs and everything yes i have herbs over here i've transplanted a lot to the new big garden that we have so we have parsley and fennel and there's some ginger and stuff right there everything's dead right now because it's just coming out of winter but um mint oregano so this is kind of like my first herb garden area but now like i said i'm transplanting and this is just a catch-all for our pretty flowers that are not so pretty at the moment but yeah and then it's been great they've had it wonderful and it's great on the back yeah the the height on these is really nice so these what are these these are about three feet high and the one in the back the one that we just were at the galvanized roofing one was two foot high and let's go around back to the front and look at what's going on back there actually while we're back here might as well kind of give you an update on some other stuff let's go the chicken coop this is the chicken slash guinea coop that we built as a family several months back this thing has been amazing we love this day five of my three day chicken coop build the chicken coop mocks me i've lost the will nothing one

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