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Don’t Buy A Freeze Dryer Until You See This!

thinking about buying a freeze dryer don't do it at least not until you hear what I have to say after owning one for almost three years is worth the cost how loud is it what about maintenance I'll answer those questions and you don't want to miss the amazing tips and tricks I'll give you to save time if you already own a freeze dryer let me answer some questions you might have and then the tips and tricks how long does a batch take well on average about 20 hours I can't say exactly because we start the process and then the next day we take it out when we have time if the process finishes and we can't take the food out yet we just add more drying time so it doesn't hurt to do that in fact you know you're just going to be even drier drier than dry you do good boy how loud is it well it's running right now so you tell me actually microphones can kind of be misleading and you can't necessarily tell by how loud it's picking up on the microphone but I would say it's about equal to maybe running your washer and dryer or running a box fan on a high honestly noise is good on my nerves pretty bad like a fan or something on the ceiling making a ticking sound and this doesn't bother me at all let's talk about energy cost how much is it going to cost you to run this freeze dryer every day well maybe you won't run it every day how much is it going to cost you to run it per day well it used to cost us about a dollar a day to run ours and it's going to vary depending on where you live but that's that was a couple years ago today our energy costs have basically doubled and so you can figure on about two dollars a day give or take depending on where you live what about changing or filtering the oil in the pump well the process only takes about five to ten minutes max and I actually don't bother filtering my oil I just replace it because it's not expensive to drain the oil and by the way don't do it in the sink I just have it sitting here and this one doesn't have any oil in it I'm just going to turn that little knob to the left and that's going to let the oil drain out the bottom and actually there's a little bit of oil in there so don't drain your oil into your sink drain it into a container okay and then when you refill it all you're going to do is refill the oil up between your minimum and your maximum level right there and that's it I mean it couldn't be any simpler are they worth the cost or uh is it just like you know throwing money in the fire it depends on how you're going to use it the medium freeze dryer currently costs 28.95 go to Home Depot or Lowe's and price out a new refrigerator I just did this one's broken all appliances are expensive if you take into account food you would have wasted or freeze-dried food you would buy it can pay it for itself pretty quickly but again if you're only going to use it once a month it's probably not right for you now one thing I have to give Harvest Right credit for is since we have bought ours almost three years ago they've kept the price the same or lowered it while also including things like the premium pump that we paid extra for at that time you know adding things that used to cost extra they have found ways to give you more for your money which is pretty much the opposite of basically every other business you deal with I want to be serious here for a moment and address the one major problem that we've had with our freeze dryer ever since we got it and it's a pretty big one it's not big enough so we well let me show you what we did it's sure for your knife man I just sharpened it I think you need to probably go straight down instead of at an angle I didn't know I had all that it's protecting them that's a high quality box I know who's out in the garden this looks a little different here too doesn't it yeah yeah the paint the other one's straight across I'm pretty stoked can you tell Kim are you stoked yeah we're stoked we're totally stoked so I'm not recommending that everybody buy two medium freeze dryers I'm just saying for our purposes it's what works best okay you should probably just buy one large one or maybe an extra large one I don't know but because of the power consumption and because of the idiots who wired up our house and we have 20 amps in most places but only have 15 amps where we actually need 20 amps we have to separate ours and put one in a different room let me show you what is so awesome about this new one and it was perfect timing that's why we went ahead and got this one oh look I'm opening up the door like you can't see what's in here anyway perhaps you've already seen it why are you laughing at me you're the idiot okay let me show you what's inside oh okay one two three four five five shelves versus four shelves by the way I'll put an I mean by the way I'll put an affiliate link if you are interested in buying one of these for yourself every time you buy one you help feed a hexman child okay one thing you need to keep in mind is that because you have five but it's in the same amount of space each shelf is a little bit shallower the pans are the same size but just the height above the shelf is a little bit lower but that's an awesome trade-off for me something pretty neat that we got this time around that we haven't had before I don't know when they came out with these uh but maybe just have a look on the website in a long time are these new lids for the trays you know if you're kind of pre-freezing these let you fill your trays up and then stack your trays in your freezer uh bonus though these can also be used as a tray all by themselves can you see it I know it's clear one thing I want to mention real quick too is if you already have a Harvest Right freeze dryer and you're like man I wish I had five trays uh I think you can call them and they can actually just send you a new insert and you might have to update your firmware um let's just plug and play basically so if you don't want to buy a whole new one save some money and buy just the interior and now for the tips and tricks and stick around for the last one because I mean I don't want to over promise but I mean like most things egg prices are twice what they were in 2020 but at least they're cheaper than they were earlier this year now personally I don't really care because we have an army of food pooping foul to provide us with fresh free-range protein nuggets our chickens produce more than we can eat in a week so naturally we freeze dry them now I've shown freeze drying and tasting eggs in previous videos but Kim recently found a way to make the process much faster easier and more efficient so used to at this point I would pour them onto my tray put them in the freeze dryer but I'd have to wait for them to freeze and to dry so now I figured out a way to save time and do twice as many in a single batch so all you need is a quart size bag I'm using Ziploc that's not a Ziploc [Laughter] how many eggs are in there so there's approximately 20 eggs in here giv

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