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Easy way to attach miter cuts without nails!

welcome to sawdust and wood today I'm gonna give you a little trick if you ever connect in lighter joints together base for crown molding any kind of trim work picture frames I built this on float and picture frame the picture sits in here it's like a little canvas and it's like a eighth of an inch gap all the way around it it hangs on the wall all this is put together with CA glue I'm not going to pronounce it because I know I missed the word up but if you go to Amazon and type in CA glue it comes with a little bottle of clear glue and a spray activator you put glue on one side and an activator on the other I'm gonna show you how the glue works right now all right so I got my two 45s cut so now what you're going to do is you're going to take this bottle of glue and put some glue on this side of the wood take the activator and spray it on the other side of the woods now this stuff dries in like 3-4 seconds I'm not kidding you make sure it's good push it together hold it tight and you can let it go and just like that you got a clean clean miter connection the glue is very strong dries I mean it dries almost instantly I almost pulled some skin off my finger earlier my finger glued together with a piece of wood but anyway there you go very quick and easy and very effective thanks for watching the Chandler today pick you up some CA glue if you need some help you want build picture frames or join anything together a lot of times you try to shoot a with a nail or something the pieces can move you can still shoot this with a nailer but the glue the glue is a very good idea to get it in place then if you want to come through and screw it or shoot it with a nail you can do that at the words but thanks for watching y'all have a great day [Applause]

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