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How to make your own pocket holes without a Kreg Jig

all right the tip of the week this week are you ready for it if you have any appliances in your house and they break they've got a break on a holiday just a tip of the week I woke up this morning my wife's using the dishwasher she calls me in Chris come see the dishwasher water all over the floor spilling up won't stop filling up and in the seals leaking and it's just everywhere so that's how I spent my Memorial Day morning getting a new dishwasher and changing it but anyway let's get to the real tip of the week so that's the wood thanks for watching welcome to sawdust and wood and thanks for joining me again for the tip of the week today the tip of the week is how to make your own pocket holes you don't need a pray jig I do own one but you do not need it to make pocket holes and I'm going to show you a simple and quick way to do it alright so I'm gonna put pocket holes in these two two by fours right here I got three tools both three different bits I got this drill bit is a 3/8 on my drill then I got a 1364 right here Phillips head screwdriver cuz I'm just using these little sheetrock screws just put a video purpose okay so this is the school may use and I wanted to at least be you gotta kind of measure you the depth that you want which is screw so about right here at the top I can just mark it I got a little line right here I can take the drill and I got the big bit on right here and I'm just going to drill straight in not all the way through I got a little hole take this bit off and now I'm gonna put the smaller bit in and what I'm gonna do is I'm going to come down on an angle right here I'm not gonna go all the way through now this is what I got you got the big drill hole and if you can look in there you can see where the screws gonna go I can set the screw right here put our piece on yeah that got it recessed give you a side shot of it and it's that easy no Kreg jig needed to make pocket oh well thanks for watching the tip of the week video it's super easy to do you don't need a Kreg jig but anyway let me know down below if y'all enjoying the tip of the week so far got a lot of cool tips coming forward like and subscribe if you subscribe if you haven't so I want to thank everybody for watching and pass this video along and help out anyone you can with this video because they do it yourself guy is a dying breed and we need to pass this knowledge on to the kids to anyone who wants to learn it and I love sharing all this information with y'all and y'all have a great day you

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