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haven’t seen this on a drill charging station

I really want to do something about this mess here that is my drills and my drivers and spare batteries and bits and countersinks and screws and a whole bunch of other stuff that I don't know what to do with so I'm going to make some sort of drill charging station and I want to try and fit it all right here and it's so small that I'm not even sure if it's going to fit but I'm going to try and see what so I drew up a plan and I said about executing it I got a little carried away with curves and SketchUp so I printed out a one-to-one template for the sides that I was able to tape together to make my life easier I taped both sides together then I taped the template to that and I set about cutting it out all at once like I alluded to in the introduction to this video my biggest challenge in designing this was the small space I had to fit it in I've seen a lot of nice drill charging stations here on YouTube and a Common Thread that most of them share is that they are huge and can hold about a dozen drills or drivers this is a good solution if you are a YouTube content creator and get sent a new drill fortnightly I could be wrong here but I'm assuming most of you may only have two to four drills because I can't really see why a hobbyist woodworker would need more than that at a time all that is to say that I'm just trying to be relatable here I have two drills and two drivers and I have no desire to add more but what I do need is a band saw with a table that can actually stay put but that's a problem for another day so I don't own a spindle sander and the end spindle on my Edge sander is too big but I do own a drill press so I got some of these sanding drums which work fairly well even though my drill press is a little wobbly the drum doesn't get into the tight corner so I cleaned up the rest with a card scraper then I hand sanded to finish it off whoa calm down [Music] [Applause] I'm using three quarter inch ply for the back of the cabinet which might seem like Overkill but I have to mount some things to the back with screws so I cut a rabbit into the back of the sides for the back to Mountain then I proceeded to cut out the rest of the parts for the build since this is essentially a simple cabinet with a few shelves I chose to use dowels to join the shelves to the sides of the case the dowels are a familiar and less expensive alternative to Domino's and this jig from dowel Max makes it super easy and foolproof it's a bit pricey for Adele jig but it's just a fraction of a cost of a domino and the strength of the joint is comparable in my opinion I'll leave an affiliate Link in the description for you to check out if you're interested you can also use dados here but it would be more involved because they would have to be stopped dados and well stop dados are just annoying and you know what else is annoying when you can't access the content you want where you want but this video sponsor surfshark makes this possible of the many features that it can do surfshark allows you to trick the whole internet into thinking that you're in a different location than you actually are why is that important well let me tell you a little story about what happened to me just two weeks ago before I had surfsharkvpn Rachel and I were were just traveling all across England and after a couple of long days we wanted to sit back and watch a show that we already started not today Canadians that show doesn't exist in England well that sucks Not only would sir shark have solved that issue but it also provides an added layer of encryption to your data that you have stored online like your passwords your documents scandalous exotic wood photos perhaps you know standard stuff so check it out and use my code Walsh to get 8.3 percent wait a minute that's not 8.3 that's that says 83 percent off how could they even do that plus three extra months for free by the sounds of that you're not gonna find a deal like that anywhere else but also you have a 30-day money-back guarantee so it's absolutely a no-brainer thanks to surfshark for sponsoring this video now back to the build I suppose I could have made a template for the bottom drill hanger shelf but I didn't really think of that until now so I just laid out and marked everything I had to cut I first used a forstner bit to create the inside curve and then I cut the rest out with the bandsaw off camera I sanded everything smooth then I put a decent little chamfer on the top side where the drills will hang if there's one thing I regret with the design of this cabinet it is the fact that I doweled the bottom shelf from the bottom to the sides this makes alignment pretty tricky however the dowel Max being as accurate as it is made this possible and the joint came together without any problems at all it was actually pretty close to being perfect but if I were doing it again I would just simply screw the bottom up through into the sides this will be the cubby door that my battery charger will be mounted to I wanted the charger to be front and center on my cabinet but since it's quite large there would have been a lot of wasted space behind it so instead I created this little cubby where I'll be able to put less frequently used accessories and I can mount the charger to the door so that it's easily accessible and the cubby door needs some hinges so I use this hinge jig from Craig to drill all the holes for these Bloom hinges the particular kind of hinge is important so I'll leave a link down below to the ones I used for various reasons the door has to open downwards so the hinges need to snap close with some Force otherwise the weight of the Battery Plus charger might end up pulling the door open foreign to glue this up but I like to pre-finish my parts before gluing it up as I find it much simpler to do so first I broke all the edges with my router and a round over bit then I gave all the parts a quick sand and then I finished all the parts with General Finishes high performance I find using a water-based finish is better for lighter color wood so that it doesn't yellow when finishing I had taped off some important areas where the joints met but now it's time to glue it up so I took off that tape and I threw a bunch of dowels in a little tub and I pour glue all over to make a glue dowel salad I find this is actually kind of quicker even though it seems a bit silly each dowel gets a good coating of glue on it and I'm able just to pluck out a dowel at a time put one in each hole and send them all home I glued three shelves onto one side first and then I proceeded to glue the other side onto the opposite end of those three shelves after fitting as many clamps as I could on there I checked it for square and much to my surprise it was already square and I left that to dry now I mentioned before I didn't like the way I dowled the bottom to the case sides and even though gluing and screwing this would have been much easier gluing This Together didn't end up being a big de

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