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How To Build A 16×50 Greenhouse In 8 Hours

we love our raised garden beds we are however a little sick and tired of putting up with the weeds So today we're installing this ginormous High tunnel to not only give us more space to grow but hopefully keep the weeds out as well that of course would be too easy and boring so we're going to have to fight the wind the land whatever this is and the rain and it's going to go right there where my trailer and every other piece of junk that I don't know what to do with [Music] sets caterpillar tunnel High tunnel poop house whatever you want to call it we are excited to finally get this greenhouse put up that we've been wanting to build for the last year and a [Music] [Applause] [Music] half with everything cleared I put the box blade on the back of the tractor and tried to smooth out the ground as much as possible I'm ready to roll out my ground cover right wrong because we have a gas line that runs somewhere out here and I'm not sure exactly where I have an approximate idea because I was actually able to find this old drawing that I mapped out all of the wiring and drainage and gas lines when we did the addition to the house so this is helpful and amazingly enough I was actually able to find some photos on my computer that show me where it runs more precisely but neither one of those are good enough to just start driving metal stakes and rebaring into the ground and hoping for the best now I could start hacking away at the ground with this shovel here but this all kinds of gas it's going Tove the way to dig when you're around electrical or gas lines is the hydrovac well I don't have a hydrovac but what I do have is a shop vac and a water hose and a pressure washer if need be that's right it's a hill belly [Music] hydrovac yeah the water hose with all these rocks out here not going to cut it and there's the gas line safely located safe it is clean it is not okay of course finding it in one spot wasn't good enough I had to find multiple locations so I could find its actual path hey remember those spitting dinosaurs from dra I park I wonder what that would feel like to get hit by that oh like that pretty much just like that look at me fumbling around like an idiot after my momentary blindness wore off I decided to might be prudent wear some safety glasses and you should too yeah so uh I think that concludes the hydrovac process I'm going to do a one foot over lap and actually found these steaks don't they look delicious I like my meum them rare instead of those two prong ones that always bend the fun thing is though since we're on Rocky it's not Rocky ground but there's rocks on this ground might have some problems getting these in we shall see po poo is there a rock there yeah I think so there we go all right you finish see come on man come I just felt drop something in my face it's uh it's raining did you bend it did you I see it's bent I don't know I see it's B rally no no that's not bent oh my gosh like I got one more more to put in oh my gosh done with the tarp so I bought this kit over a year ago probably almost a year and a half ago huh July yeah so as much as I hate to do it I got to read these directions wants to help me hammer in some re bar okay all right oh my gosh okay put you some safety glasses on when I found the gas lines I know there's long as I'm out 38 in I'll clear all of that all right all you ready go ahead give it a shot try not to crush me hands there you go yeah give it the what four give it the what four I heard it talking about mama earlier it was oh oh my gosh here come from like that there you go there there you go right there oh go you just went into it you said okay I'm going wrap that around there and now we can use that to line every one of them up as we go down and we'll do them 50 in apart hi go in order to make sure that this is square I'm going to measure from corner to corner 52t 7 in oh my gosh I'm I am 1 in off hey that's not bad that's not bad for a preliminary guesstimate so I just got to tweak it just slightly and then we'll be good let's start putting the bows together make to fit like that I got self tapping screws self tapping screws are they focused they were they focus now good all right [Music] oh oh this is this is going to go this is going to go [Music] fast the time is going to fly all right pick it pick it up the other way all right there you go perfect put that boat through there through the hole okay not making that weird noise oh you have to make the noise it doesn't work squeeze no you got squee squeeze it tight okay pull you're not doing the no try try I better make a difference all the difference in the world no you can do it no I can watch me watch me watch me come here see I can't oh he a chicken no I know but wait a minute wait a minute yeah see what kind of difference it makes you're [Laughter] weird nobody else could could pry these and Cameron Madison tried then I tried and then she's like let me try I'm like you're not going to be a all right show me how you do it oh there that's how she's doing what look at there wow you're oh she's strong like Bull good job bab bald eagle bald eagle alert everybody bald eagle Spirit of freedom is with us today so this is what holds the center pearing up okay we're just going to put them together like that you could use a ladder to do this part but I haven't have a tractor and a 10-year-old little girl but you know if you don't have that feel free to use a ladder all right don't drop me now I'm just installing the metal pearlin that runs at the top of the caterpillar Greenhouse to add structural rigidity now all we got to do is the bracing and put the plastic over it I can tell you somebody's having a race I we the races somebody's got a somebody's got a motorcycle path now I think all we got to do other than that is we should get our seeds ready probably yeah yep yeah let's get our seeds [Music] ready [Music] you know I've been working diligently on this seed pack but I got to be honest with you the fruit they're easy to do it's the peppers man these things really get to me but I just really wanted to put a part of me into this project Adam that's disgusting okay I'm kidding that's not how we got the seats for the collection we worked with a small business called Clearwater Valley Farms you know how sometimes you just meet somebody or you see somebody and you're like those are my people well they are our people and I think they're probably your people too they helped us put together a collection of 53 varieties of heirloom non-GMO seeds that will keep your garden growing food and medicinals all year round it's our favorite variety that Kim and I picked out they do have limited Supply though so be sure to go hit the link that's in the description or go to the or you use this QR link right here in the video with all of the bracing connected now it's time to install the channel that will hold the wiggle wire just like that have I mentioned how much I hate these se

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