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How to Build A Star with a Miter Saw or a Speed Square (Ep.2)

[Music] I need 10 equal pieces I'm gonna take a 10 10 inch pieces you want precise cuts on every piece of wood before you make all these Cuts remember something put your safety glasses on here's another key to y'all and you have to be mindful of this while you're out here working okay it's easy to forget this this big old blade right here we'll cut through just about anything in its way and whether you know it or not it doesn't care if it's cutting this piece of wood or this finger that just saw to 36 which is going to give us our 54 degree angle now we're going to make all 10 cuts repetitive just like this that's going to be one side of the store all right we're making 10 repetitive Cuts now at a 54 degree angle I might have saw a set to 36 because 36 on the saw gives you a 54 degree angle all right here I need a 54 degree angle so I'm setting my speed square to 36 look at the top and I'm marking that cut on the bottom that's gonna give me all my perfect cuts and you see I'm matching up what I cut in a miter saw and it matches up perfect with it all right we got all our 54 degree angles and now what we got to do is put the 18 on the other side and we're going to be finished let me show you how to get the 18 degree angle and don't forget this a miter saw cannot cut 18 degrees stock there is a jig to make and I had videos that teach how to do it and explain how to do it and they're right here on the screen now take notes of these videos I'll link them in the description 27. that's a good angle I've done this a lot of times and if my hand slips it's not going to fall forward into the blade because I have it braced it's really important that the piece of wood is sitting right against this piece of wood to get accurate cut so that's the first cut now let's cut another piece I'm going to leave this up here so every time I slide my piece in I know that this little back angle is facing the same way and all my cuts are going to be the same [Music] thank you all right you see here I'm moving the speed square to 72 degrees because 90 minus 72 is 18 and it's 18 degree angle but set your speed square to 72. so you don't need a miter saw to do this or a jig Mark a straight line and now the challenge becomes when you have to make this foot a nice clean fit but it can be done foreign so see how I'm showing you 72 on the bottom [Music] if it pointed at the top 72 on the bottom that's the 18 degree angle and I'm writing it down for you speed square set to 72. I use a couple extra pieces because it's going to help hold your speed square up and you can put use your speed square as a straight edge to start a good cut with a hand saw and the big question you'll have is how do you attach the saw together I'm gonna show y'all because in your brand nailer and work your way around shooting those areas nice and tight another way you can do it is get some small screws and um I'd probably get a countersink drill bit so you can um putty over the screw holes after a little bit of glue and screws there's all kind of ways to be creative to attach these Stars there's no reason to stress about it and all you really want is a nice clean finish when it's done and you can sand down today listen you don't need a miter saw to cut the star I show you how to do it with a speed square which is super easy cut it with a butter knife cut it with a handsaw however you want to cut it it doesn't matter but I showed you how to get your measurements both ways

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